Starting a new business and need a name? You don’t have to do it alone! We’ve put together a list of options for any budget.

Try words like "Crypto" or "Fun"

#1 The DIY Way

If you are on a shoestring budget, you might prefer to go the DIY route. Here are some tips for naming your business.

Make Sure Your Name Fits Your Industry

When choosing a name for your business, you want to make sure that the name you choose is a good fit for the industry you are in. Different industries have different customers, who expect to be marketed to in certain ways. Some industries are more fun and casual, while some are more buttoned up. Choose a name that fits the bill.

It Should Be Catchy

If you want your company name to stand out against your competition and make a memorable impression on your customers, it’s very important that your business name is as catchy as possible. So how do you find a catchy business name? We’ve got you covered. For some in depth tips on how to find a catchy name, read 10 Tips for Creating a Catchy Business Name.

Get the Matching .com

If you plan on doing business online, you’ll want a matching .com domain for your business name. Having the .com domain of your business name makes your business seem professional and credible to your customers. The problem is that most brandable domains are already registered by someone else, so if you want to find an unregistered domain that’s good, you’ll need to search for a while.

It Should be Short and Simple

You want your potential customers to remember your business name long after they see it. That is why the best company names are as short and concise as possible. Your business names should be under 15 characters, easy to pronounce and to understand, and should not contain more than 4 syllables.


Start a Naming Contest

Have a few hundred dollars to spend on a business name? Launching a crowdsourced naming contest may be the way to go.
Here is how they generally work.

Choose a Naming Contest Service

There are many naming contest services out there, with varying levels of quality. Naming contests generally cost anywhere from $150 to $500 dollars. Our personal favorite is Brand New Name, which has amazing creatives and an easy-to-use interface.

Get Naming Ideas

Once you’ve completed your brief, it will be shared with the naming service’s community of creatives, who will then come up with 100’s of name ideas for your business, along with a matching domain name that is unregistered. It’s hard to find a great unregistered business domain yourself, which is why having hundreds of creatives is such an advantage.

Create a Brief

Once you’ve decided on a naming service, you create a brief that contains general details about your company, as well as the style and feel you prefer your business name to have. This brief is usually generated from a questionnaire you are asked to fill out after you sign up for a naming contest service. If you aren’t sure what type of business name you prefer, just leave it open to the creatives.

Pick a Winner

Once your naming contest ends, the ball is in your court. It’s time to pick a winner! With so many good naming ideas, this can be quite tough. To make it easier, we suggest that you first narrow it down to a shortlist of ten names that you really like. Once you have your 10 names, you can test them out with your family, your friends, or your team to see which one makes the best impression.

Start a Naming Contest Now

Go with BrandBucket

Have a bigger budget to spend on a business name? With our gigantic collection of branding experts curated,
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BrandBucket has over 100,000 names to choose from, all curated and handpicked by branding experts. Whatever industry you are in, whatever your business or product, BrandBucket is bound to have a name that is perfect for your specific needs.

Easy to Use, Human Driven Search

Finding the domain you want can be a cumbersome process, but not with BrandBucket’s advanced search capabilities! All of our names are tagged and categorized by hand, which means you get an intuitive search that will bring you exactly the type of names you are looking for.

Invented Names Galore!

Love names like Asana, Xerox, and Cisco? You are in luck! BrandBucket is the #1 place for invented names like these. Invented names are built to be catchy, are easy to trademark, and help you stand out from your competitors.

Naming Concierge

Need more help finding the right unique name for your business? Our naming experts are standing by to assist you in your search. Just email us or give us a call, and we’d be happy to help!

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100,000 Business Names to Choose From

Finding the perfect brand name is easy with BrandBucket. Browse and search our collection of brand-ready names, handpicked by linguistic experts. We help entrepreneurs seeking naming ideas for their new startup, or catchy names for a business rebrand. Here are just a few of our business names for sale:

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