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Wow. What a great company that I never heard of before. Not my first time buying a domain but my first with BrandBucket. They are super efficient, very communitive during the short quick process and get things done very fast. That was my experience with Roxana. I found the website I wanted to buy browsing thru BrandBucket site. Since I never heard of them, I went to my godaddy account to see if I can pull up the site and sure enough it was available too, but godaddy for some reason was $350ish more expensive on a $3k domain. I was still willing to pay the extra with godaddy only because I never heard of BrandBucket. Long story short, for some reason godaddy site was having issues at that exact moment and couldn't complete the sale and I am glad it didn't go thru. It forced me to buy with BrandBucket. All my future purchases will be done with BrandBucket from now on!
by SR
Stellar Service! Will order again!
We were due a rebrand of our app. Found BrandBucket, picked a domain we liked and within days it was placed in my GoDaddy account. The communication throughout the transfer was on point and clear. Roxana is a delight to work with. If you’re in need of a brandable domain name, BrandBucket is the way to go. You won’t be dissapointed.
by Stefan
Easy and quick experience as a buyer
We purchased a domain that was listed on BrandBucket. A domain transfer agent was in contact within a day and the transfer was complete within two days. The whole experience was quick and easy and we would happily purchase from BrandBucket again.
by Marc
High quality of service and processes
Recently I had a terrible experience with GoDaddy, so was looking for another provider. BrandBucket exceeded all expectations: - clear status on domain transfer that I can see in Private Cabinet - clear and easy-to-follow instructions - dedicated manager Roxana who was following through all processes and replying super fast Simple amazing service!
by Olga Korzheva
Amazing service
It’s been an amazing end to end experience working with Brand Bucket. Since the time of purchase there has been consistent and streamlined follow ups to complete the whole process.
by MJ
Excellent experience
What a great experience! Buying the domain and transferring it took less than 24 hrs. Their agents are very helpful, professional, and communitive, and they answer all questions and explain the steps in no time. Thank you, and I highly recommend working with them.
by Mosab Mohd
A great experience all around!
Everything was clear, the responses I got from various staff at different points along the journey was quick and always helpful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure things were working accordingly. All in all I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly satisfied with the team at BrandBucket. Thanks again!
by Katya Marie Williams
Excelente plataforma para comprar dominios
Excelente plataforma para comprar dominios. Tuvimos una experiencia genial, rápida y confiable. Muchas gracias al equipo
by Felipe | Space.Guru
Bought 2 domains
Bought 2 domains, the transfer was fast and uncomplicated. You get a personal contact who accompanies you through the process and who monitors everything.
by Stefan Wagner
BrandBucket - huge inventory of domains, quick and professional transaction
I have recently worked with Brand Bucket, buying a 5 letter domain name. The pool of available numbers was impressive, so I had multiple choices I liked, and they were all very good names. Once I have settled on a name, BrandBucket was very professional and they have completed the transaction in record time. 5 star experience.
by Dan Caescu
Brilliant experience for me as a newbie…
Brilliant experience for me as a newbie trying to figure out how to start. Easy and quick progress. Great support and instructions. Would definitely recommend from the experience I had. Thanks team!
by Monica Watt
Long time BrandBucket customer
I've been a customer for BrandBucket for over 10 years and have purchased multiple domains from them for over $15K. Never had a single issue and the process is extremely smooth, a few clicks here and there and within a few hours/ a day at most and the domain and its assets are yours. Highly recommended.
by Abed Agha
Awesome experience
The domain transfer process was quick and easy. My transfer agent, who walked me through the process, gave me clear and simple instructions, and was quick to respond to any questions. She was very pleasant to work with. Just a great experience all around. I will be doing business with BrandBucket again in the future. Thanks BrandBucket!
by Carlos Martinez
Direct & straightforward
Direct, straightforward, no hoops to jump through. My experience was quite decent. Minutes after purchasing the domain, I received an email inquiring about where I'd like to transfer the domain. Instructions were very clear, and the domain was in my Namecheap account within 24 hours. Customer service was good, especially considering that some companies tend to see a dramatic reduction in quality of service *after* your money has left your hands (which was not the case here).
by Travis DePrato
Brandbucket handling of the domain…
Brandbucket handling of the domain transfer was perfect, communicating on the steps, assisting in my requests in a prompt manners (answers within 15min).
by Jalal El Mansouri
Quick and efficient process
Quick and efficient purchase process followed by a transfer agent who made sure that the transaction, ownership and permissions of the domain were transferred correctly.
by Slavi
Fast and simple process
Fast and simple process. I would recommend to others!
by Anna
Straightforward and seamless…
Straightforward and seamless experience. The rep who helped facilitate the transfer was extremely responsive and provided clear instructions. This was my first experience purchasing an already owned domain / using escrow and I was impressed with the overall experience.
by Scott N
Truly five star service
Truly five star service. The response times were expedient, instructions clear, and transfer made very easy. Please feel free to purchase without concern.
by Christopher Carney
Quick and easy to deal with
Quick and easy to deal with. Domain was transferred seamlessly within hours. Very responsive staff.
by Mike Phenow
Couldn't have been better!
Flawless and prompt transfer. Great communication. Couldn't ask for a better experience.
by Brit Mansell
Super smooth and easy process
Super smooth and easy process, they walked us through with clear instructions every step of the way in buying our new domain!
by Mike Barile
Example of customer success
We are about to launch a new product and and we’re always inspired by brands and logos hosted at BrandBucket. At first we were a little concerned about making a purchase above USD 2000 on a website that we had never had any contact with before. But we decided to go ahead and the purchase process was very fast. However, what really caught my attention was the quality of service from the company's professionals who gave us feedback at all times, leaving us very calm and satisfied. I confess that it was one of the best services I received in my entire professional life. Walber Castro - DataSafer CEO
by Walber Castro
It was a really pleasant experience to…
It was a really pleasant experience to buy a domain name with BrandBucket. We started our business 1,5 year ago and while searching for names we found a name we like with BrandBucket. But as funds didn't allow us to invest in the .com domain we decided to start with separate country tlds. As time went by our company grew, and we did finally have the chance to make this investment in our long term future. From buying till transfer of ownership of our domain only 8 hours went by. That's really great. Many thanks to our transfer agent in handling this professional and fast. Recommended!
by Paul
Great communication and really fast
Great communication, really fast experience. I purchased the domain on a Sunday and had it in my possession on Tuesday. They kept me informed every step of the way.
by Jack Gordon
Fast and Helpful Service
When I was trying to develop a business name for my company I found it was for sale on BrandBucket. I had never heard of this company prior to stumbling upon it. I has skeptical at first because I did not know if it was a legitimate site or if I was going to be out the money. After about a month of research I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed one bit. The customer service was very helpful and quick to respond to any questions or concerns. The transfer of the site went flawlessly and fast. I would recommend BandBucket to anyone needing a custom domain and logo!!! If I ever need more domains in the future I will start here.
by David Storer
Great experience
I had a little concern going in, but they are 100% legit and my experience went very smoothly. I purchased a domain from them, and the transaction was complete within a day.
by Chris Healey
Quick an easy domain transfer
Fast and smooth transaction with excellent customer service. Everything was done within 24 hours.
by Alex Hedström
Great customer service & excellent…
Great customer service & excellent communication. Definitely would recommend Brand bucket to anyone looking for a business name.
by Gavin Alimurong
Quick, efficient and personal
I was looking for a specific .com domain that luckily BrandBucket was holding. The process to transfer was quick and efficient and the cost of the transaction very reasonable. I appreciated the personal touch on handling the operation end to end.
by Pedro Martinez
My recent transaction with BrandBucket…
My recent transaction with BrandBucket and the subsequent domain transfer was much smoother than I even expected. I would highly recommend their services.
by Ryan
Excellent and highly professional service, that helped us in every request.
We are more than only happy with the service of BrandBucket. Our case wasn't the easiest in terms of a complex domain transfer to a registrar of our choice, but we have to say that their team solved our special request in an excellent, very supportive, extremely fast as well as highly professional way. We are proud to be able to say, that our dream of owning our preferred domain name has now come true. Thus, we would go back anytime again to work together with them. Highly recommended; Great job!
by Nico
The customer service and support…
The customer service and support offered by the BrandBucket team was very attentive and the assistance provided made the execution of my domain name purchase and transfer into a seamless experience. I was very pleased at their prompt attention and direction. The representative handling my transaction offered outstanding attention to detail and answered all questions very clearly. The overall experience was first-rate and I would highly recommend their services.
by Robert Gehl
Excellent and efficient service
Great and efficient service, extremely helpful staff in answering all my questions (both by email and the phone) and would use their service again any time. Thanks again!
by Patrik Sailer
Proven Successes
Built my first multimillion-dollar business with the 1st purchase from BrandBucket in 2017. Building the very next one with the recent purchase in 2019. 'nuff said. Thank you.
by Khoa Truong (Bear)
Great Experience with BrandBucket
My experience with BrandBucket was excellent. The search process on their website was really helpful. Once I made the purchase they met every commitment. It was a great customer experience!
by Richard Bledsoe
Transparent and easy process
Transparent and easy process! Great company to work with! I love browsing their website for new domains as well. As a trademark attorney, I actually tell my clients to look through the options of BrandBucket when they're trying to think of a good brand name.
by Jeremy Green
Very trustworthy and accommodating...
The folks at Brandbucket were very accommodating to us as we purchased a domain from them. The process of buying was very easy and their help in transferring it to our host site was very well organized and made the transition process very easy!
by Scott Caldwell
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