Clients and Testimonials

A limited selection of successful companies that purchased their business name from BrandBucket.
"I think your idea, and your site, is fantastic, and will definitely recommend it to others. Thanks again for such great service."
Will W.
"I love the site, concept and especially the inventory of have no clue how long it took us to make a decision! Kudos!"
Martin J.
"After months of trying to think up a good domain name for our new venture, we started looking more closely at names that were 'taken'. We came across BrandBucket pursuing another domain you have for sale. So we continued on with our search returning again to BrandBucket [...]"
Robert B.
"Thanks for all your help. Pleasure to co-operate with you guys! I'll be back!"
Gosia C.
"I had just purchased a domain name from your company and I must say that I am truely pleased with the service you have given me. I have been looking at your site again and found a few other domain that have caught my eye, so I will be purchasing from you again."
Ron H.
"I spent many many days scouring premium domain reseller sites for a perfect match without success. Once I found your site I instantly knew that this was exactly what I needed. Within 20 minutes I had purchased the perfect domain for our project. I'm really impressed with [...]"
David M.
"Thank you so much, this has been smooth on your behalf and great customer service, well done. And yes, we are excited about our new domain :) Cool concept and solved our problem, very spot-on."
Birna B.
"Many thanks. And, by the way, BrandBucket is *excellent*."
Bruce J.
"It’s been a pleasure to work with BrandBucket! I got prompt, reasonable answers to all of my questions, and Margot was particularly helpful and patient when my registrar through an unexpected bump in our path. I’m sure you’ll have a great experience working them."
Ben R.
"I liked the way you displayed your inventory. Good search options and easy UI. Thanks for the help with the transfer."
Ken L.
"I love the concept and will definitely be back to buy more."
Zach R.
"I had spent the last week trying to think of the perfect name for a new venture, but I was never pleased with what I was able to come up with, but I knew that if I saw it - I would know....and as soon as I clicked onto BrandBucket, the name was there and my search was [...]"
Vanessa M.
"Compliments to a really great service and user friendly website!"
Adriaan G.


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