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Looking for the perfect domain name for your business? We can help! Type in a few keywords, and our domain name generator will show you tons of great curated options!

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How it Works

The BrandBucket Domain Name Generator is easy to use. Simply follow the directions below to get started.

Choose Name Style
Before you use the generator, you will need to decide whether you want a keyword name, like SalesForce, or an invented name, like Google. Don’t worry, if you change your mind, you can always come back to this page.

Enter one or more keywords that describe your business. For instance you can enter the type of industry you are in, or a word that describes the feeling you want to give your customers when they see your name.

You’ll instantly have a wide-variety of high quality, branding-expert curated names to choose from, complete with prices and professional logos to help you envision each name as a brand. If you find one you like you can favorite it by clicking the little "heart" in the right-hand corner of each name.

Once you’ve landed on a business name you love, you can purchase the matching dot-com and logo within a few clicks using our fast and secure checkout. From brainstorm to brand in minutes. It’s really that simple.

Why Buy A Premium Domain?

Premium domains usually have already been registered, but may still be available for sale. These names cost more than the $10 you would spend on an unregistered domain, but they are often worth the high investment. Here’s why:

A Better Quality Name
In regards to choosing a domain for your business, not all domains are created the same. Premium domain names have special linguistic traits that make them more suited for business branding than other domains.

Resale Value
A premium domain name is an asset that holds it value. If you ever decide to dissolve your business, you can often resell a premium domain for the same price (or more) than you paid for it. That’s why at BrandBucket, any name purchased from BrandBucket can be listed again for at least what it was purchased for.

Owning a premium .com domain is a way of announcing to the world (and your customers) that your business means business. Owning the .com version of your domain name is a symbol of success, and engenders trust in your customers.

.com Is King
To your customers, there is only one domain extension (TLD) that indicates that you were the first to market, and the leader in your field. If you decide to go with an alternative TLD, more often than not you’ll end up having to buy the .com version down the road, possibly for a much higher price.

Browse Premium Names

Find the Perfect Premium Domain at BrandBucket

You don’t need a domain generator when you’ve got BrandBucket. With handpicked domains and industry best service,
we can satisfy all your domain needs with a human touch.

Let Us Advise You
A partner like BrandBucket that guides your choices helps you feel more confident that your name has worldwide appeal. We've named thousands of companies like yours. Your perfect domain name awaits!

Start With What's Available
Save valuable time on your search by browsing the original business domain marketplace. We’ve got thousands of options to choose from, so you are bound to find a great fit. We also don't believe in haggling, so we've priced our domains at market value for a quick purchase.

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