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Looking for a business name, but don’t know where to start? Use an incredibly powerful, human-driven business name generator to find the perfect name for your business in a matter of minutes.

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How it Works

Pick Your Keyword - Pick a word that best describes your brand to be.

Choose a Style - Choose a business name style that you want to view names for.

Choose a Type - Select from brandable, invented or keyword based business name.

Choose an Industry - Pick an industry to zoom in on your target audience.

Customize Your Logo - Customize your logo colors, style and font type.

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Choose a Business Name

When it comes to choosing the right name for your business or startup, the stakes are high. A great business name can bring your brand to life, attract customers and convey your company’s story and purpose. Conversely, choosing a weak business name can do major damage to your brand image right out of the gate.

Looking for the perfect name, but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Use our uniquely powerful business name generator to find name ideas that will inspire you.

What Makes a Great Business Name?

Catchy and Unique - Choose a name that stands out from the crowd and differentiates you from your competitors.

Short and Simple - Great names are concise and to the point. The shorter a name is, the easier it is to remember.

Easy to Pronounce and Spell - A brand name should be easy to say and understand, and be spelled like it sounds.

Built for Longevity - Great brand names grow with your business. Prepare for a future in which you may want to expand.

A Fit for Your Industry - Names should fit the style and tone of the industry they are representing.

Perfect for You - This is a must. For a name to inspire your customers, it needs to inspire you and your team first.

Pick a Business Name That Gets You Found Online


If your business plans on having any online presence, you’ll need to secure the matching .com domain. For example, if your business is named Amazon, you’ll want to own

.com domains are the industry standard, and for good reason. They are considered the most authoritative, trusted, and credible domain extensions.

So when choosing a business name, it is imperative that you check if the matching .com version of the domain is available. Luckily, with our BrandBucket’s name generator, every business name we generate has a matching .com domain available and ready to purchase.

Use a Truly Unique Business Name Generator


Just about every business name generator on the web will give you a ton of business name ideas. But the vast majority of the "name ideas" they give you are either not available, not relevant to your x, or just plain bad.

Spending your time combing through endless bad/mediocre names is a surefire way to burn yourself out on the naming process. It can flatten all the creativity, inspiration, and focus you had going in. So even if there was a great name in your midst, you'll likely be too detached from the process at that point to recognize it anyway.

BrandBucket’s name generator is different. Every business name generated has been handpicked by naming experts for their exceptional linguistic characteristics and brandable traits. What’s more, each name has a matching .com domain and professional logo available and ready to purchase in a few clicks. When you are surrounded by good choices, it’s much easier to find the best one.

How to Choose a Great Business Name?

Brainstorm Words
Our brand name generator generates names based on the keywords you input. The more specific you are, the better the results will be. When thinking of words to describe your business, think outside the box. Brainstorm words that speak to both your aspirations, emotions, and goals.

Get Name Ideas
Once you have your list of associated words, pop them into our generator, choose your name style, and our powerful name engine will spit out high quality name ideas for your consideration, all with available matching .com domains for purchase.

Make a Shortlist
When you like a name, favorite it by clicking the heart icon next to it. Once you have a sufficient number of names you like, go through them and pick a shortlist of about ten or so of your favorite names. When you have your shortlist, share them with trusted friends and colleagues and consider their opinions.

Purchase Your Name
Once you’ve landed on a business name you love, you can purchase the matching .com and logo within a few clicks using our fast and secure checkout. From brainstorm to brand in minutes. It’s really that simple.

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