Unique Business Names

You want your business to stand out from your competition, so your name shouldn't follow in their footsteps either. Become the business you dream of.



Finding a unique business name is essential for building your brand. Here are some things to think about when looking for a unique business name.

Think Different

A unique name is not always a good name - there could be a reason no other company has one like it. Our team of experts selected each name in our marketplace to be easy to spell and easy to communicate.

Think Legal

Besides being memorable, a name without popular keywords can reduce possible trademark conflicts. Build your own brand and be a visionary in your industry. Your cool business name could be a household brand someday!

Think Growth

A generic or "vessel" name that matches your style but that doesn't exactly describe what you do allows you to grow your business and expand your offerings over time.

Think Outside of the Box

By browsing a list of available unique business names, you open your mind up to new possibilities. Be prepared to stumble upon a name that just sounds right.


Looking for a unique business name, but don’t know where to begin? You don’t have to be a creative genius to find a great name for your business, you just need BrandBucket! With our hand-curated collection of premium names, you are bound to find a unique business name that is perfectly fitted for your new venture.

Curated, Unique, and Cool Hand-picked Names

It’s easy to find a "unique" name. It’s harder to find a name that is both unique and cool. At BrandBucket, finding a cool, unique name that is perfect for your business is super simple. With our large selection of vetted names, every name is one of a kind and amazing. It’s just a matter of sifting through suggestions.

Invented Names Galore!

If you are looking for unique names that are easy to trademark, you may want to look outside the traditional keyword names. Luckily, BrandBucket is the number one marketplace for invented names like “Google” or “Xerox”. These names are easy to trademark and build a completely unique brand around without any roadblocks.

Easy to Use, Human Driven Search

Not only are our names unique, but so is our search! Every name is individually assigned keywords and descriptions by naming experts, making it super easy to find the kind of name you are looking for. And if that wasn’t enough, we have industry and style categories to choose from, so you can get started on your name search immediately.

Naming Concierge

Need more help finding the right unique name for your business? Our naming experts are standing by to assist you in your search. Just email us or give us a call, and we’d be happy to help!


BrandBucket is a marketplace for brandable domain names. Browse, buy and get inspired by our ready-to-use business domain names with a logo for your next venture.

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