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Whether you are creating your personal brand, or founding a tech startup, the .me extension can add character to your domain name. Premium .me domains are powerful platforms upon which to build what your heart desires. Check out some more info about .me domains below.

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What is a .me domain?

A .me domain is a domain name that utilizes the .me extension. But where does the .me originate, and what is it used for? Read below to find out.

Where does the .me extension come from?

The .me domain extension doesn’t actually stand for the possessive “me”. In fact is the CCtld (Country Code Top Level Domain) for the small country of Montenegro. Many residents of this region use the domain extension to symbolize the country the are from.

What is the .me extension used for?

Though the .me is ostensibly a representation of a country, most people outside of Montenegro use it because of the English meaning of "me". Famous examples of domains that use the .me extension include about.me, and id.me.


Why do people and companies choose .me domains?

There are two main reasons why a person or a company might use a .me domain. Let’s take a look at them below.

For Personal Brands

If an individual is building a personal brand, they might use a .me domain to add a personal feeling to their domain name. This is most often done with the persons name, such as Emily.me, or Andrew.me. Even if they are building a brand per say, they may use a "name".me domain to have as a resource where people can learn basic information about them, such as their resume, or their creative portfolio.

For Companies

Companies use the .me domain as well, but usually for a slightly different reason. Most companies that use the .me extension use the extension as effectively another keyword in the their brand name. For instance if you were starting an employment company, you might want to use a domain like hire.me. Or if you were starting a marketing company, a great domain would be market.me. The “me” in this case doesn’t represent the company itself, but instead the customer.

How to Purchase a .me Domain

Want to acquire a .me domain for your business or personal brand? There are two way that .me domains are generally acquired.

Hand-Register a .me Domain Name

The traditional way to acquire a .me domain name was to hand-register one at a domain registrar like Godaddy.com. This is done by going to the registrar of your choice, and searching for your desired .me domain. If it isn’t already taken, you have the chance to register it. Typically, available .me domains cost around $18 to register, though the price can vary depending on which registrar you use.

Purchase a Premium .me Domain name

The issue many people and companies run into when they try to acquire a .me domain by hand-registering it is that the domain they desire is often already taken by someone else. This applies to most of the .me domains worth having. That’s why people and brands often decide to go with option two: purchasing a premium domain. Premium domains are domains that are already owned by someone else. Premium domain marketplaces like BrandBucket curate only the best .me domains from across the web, so our selection is top notch.

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BrandBucket is a premium domain marketplace that has a large selection of curated and available .me domains. No matter your industry, we are sure to have a .me domain that will be perfect for your specific brand. If you are looking for something more traditional, we’ve got a great selection of .com names as well! Want to see what we have to offer? Browse our inventory today!

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