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Looking for a popular domain extension that adds an interesting twist to your domain name and your brand? A .ly name may be just what you are looking for. Many companies have adopted this versatile extension lately, and it seems to grow more popular by the day. Get the inside scoop on this modern TLD (Top Level Domain) with our quick guide to .ly domains.


What is a .ly domain?

A .ly domain is a domain name that has the .ly TLD instead of the more commonly used .com.
But where does the .ly come from, and why are so many companies choosing it for their website address?
Read below to find out.

Where does the .ly extension come from?

The .ly extension is the CCtld (Country Code Top Level Domain) for the country of Libya. Until just a few years ago, the .ly extension was almost exclusively used by residents and businesses in this African nation.

What is the .ly extension used for?

Although .ly is representative of the country of Libya, creative businesses, specifically forward thinking ones like those in tech, started using the domain for the letter combination of “ly”, which is a very common ending in the english language.


Why do people and companies choose .ly domains?

There are two main reasons why a company would use an .ly domain. Find out the reasons below:

As a Domain Hack

According to the ICAAN Wiki, a domain hack is a “word or phrase spelled by a fully concatenating two or more adjacent levels of a domain name, for example moji.to, unlock.me or del.icio.us.” Because -ly is such a common ending for english words, many companies choose to use it as a domain hack, to make words that would be prohibitively expensive to purchase the .com version of. Famous examples include musical.ly (now Tiktok) and visual.ly, a content marketing solution.

To create a new invented word.

Besides using the “ly” to form real words, many companies use the .ly extension to create new, invented names from real words. For instance, take the word “stove”. A fine word, but kind of boring for a brand name, not to mention expensive to purchase in the .com form. But if you use the .ly domain extension, you now have Stove.ly, which is pronounced “Stovely” . Much more catchy right? Famous examples of .ly invented names include bit.ly and, profit.ly.

How to Purchase a .ly Domain

Want to acquire a .ly domain for your brand url? There are two way that .ly domains are usually acquired.

Hand-Register a .ly Domain Name

The traditional way to acquire a .ly domain is to register the domain at a domain registrar, such as Uniregistry. You can only register .ly names that have not already been registered. You can do this by doing a search at your registrar. at a domain registrar like Godaddy.com. If it isn’t already taken, you have the chance to register it. Typically, available .ly domains cost $75 to register, though the price can vary depending on which registrar you use. Note that you are prohibited from choosing a .ly domain that uses offensive language.

Purchase a Premium .ly Domain name

The issue many people and companies run into when they try to acquire a .ly domain by hand-registering it is that the domain they desire is often already taken by someone else. This applies to most of the .ly domains worth having. That’s why people and brands often decide to go with option two: purchasing a premium domain. Premium domains are domains that are already owned by someone else. Premium domain marketplaces like BrandBucket curate only the best .ly domains from across the web, so our selection is top notch.

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