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There's so much to love when it comes to choosing an invented business name for your business. Read on to find out a few advantages for choosing a name that's a little more abstract.


Invented business names give you a chance to show off your creative side.
Remember that your brand story can help inform people just why that unique spelling or word is just right for your business.

Total Creative Flexibility

If you're going with an invented brand name, there are differing levels of inventiveness. Some names are wildly abstract, with no obvious roots in the English language. Others draw from other languages, cultures, or geographic places. And still others have a full or partial keyword packaged up in a fresh new way. And all of these varying styles of invented brand names are available here on BrandBucket.

Invented Names Equal Marketing Success

Many invented names are easier to trademark, saving you legal hassles. Plus, an invented name can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace, particularly with digital advertising options. SEM and SEO are so much easier to own when your invented name feels totally different than anything else out there.

Curated Invented Names that Work

Some people shy away from invented names because they simply can't be bothered to come up with them on their own! If you have a keyword in mind, punch it in and we'll show you brilliantly crafted invented business names that are simple to spell and pronounce. Skip the endless brainstorming and get ready to blissfully browse to your heart's content.

Help When You Need It Most

If you're totally lost, we can even help you name your business. Our active community is happy to suggest invented business names that are readily available (and affordable). Or you can contact our friendly customer service team to ask questions and get assistance when buying your domain. It's really that simple!

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