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Business Names 101

What makes a great business name?How do I choose the right name for my business?What is the best TLD for a business domain name?Why is pronunciation important for a business name?How to avoid conflicts when choosing a business name?How to choose a unique business name?Why choose a business name with longevity?What is the best length for a business name?Why are some letters more common in business names?What is the difference between keyword and invented business names?How does spelling affect your business name?Can real words and expressions be good business names?How to choose a business name with great retention?Why business name generators don't work?

Domain Names 101

What is a domain name?What is a domain name registrar?What is a premium domain name?What is a brandable domain name?Why a .com domain name is the best option?What is the difference between a domain name and a business name?What is the difference between a business name and a brand name?

Lean Branding 101

What is a lean startup?How to apply the lean startup methodology?What is lean branding?How to apply lean branding to business naming?How to brainstorm domain names the lean way?

How Brandbucket Works

Why use BrandBucket to find a business name?Who are BrandBucket customers?Who are the people behind BrandBucket?How does BrandBucket curate its names?How do I find a name on BrandBucket?What type of names will I find on BrandBucket?What do I get when I buy a name from BrandBucket?Does my brandbucket name come with a trademark?How do I buy a name on BrandBucket?What happens after I buy a name from BrandBucket?What is BrandBucket's refund policy?

Frequently Asked Questions

Selling a Business Name on BrandBucket

What kind of names do you accept for listing?
How do I submit my domains for listing?
What are BrandBucket fees?
What is BrandBucket’s commission?
Where do the fees go?
How much will the logo designer take?
What if my domain has a logo already?
How will I get paid?
How do you verify I own the domain name?
Do I have to re-direct my site to BrandBucket?
How do I verify my domain name?
Can I list the domain for sale elsewhere?
How do I remove my name from other marketplaces?
Why was my domain rejected for listing?
Rules for sellers

Selling a Business Name on BrandBucket

What kind of names do you accept for listing?

To accept or not accept a domain is often a tough decision. Many very good and "brandable" names are submitted, but because we try to keep the marketplace small enough for a single buyer to browse in an evening, we've created some basic guidelines:

We are looking primarily for non-keyword, short and catchy names. For these types of names, we mainly focus on:

  • If the name is based on a dictionary word -- and sounds the same as that word -- it should have no more than one spelling variation or "error" away from the original word. This makes it easy to explain to customers. For example: Digg is "dig with two g's".
  • Pronunciation should be straightforward.
  • Spelling should be as expected.
    • Ask your friends to spell your name -- can they get it in one or two tries?
    • Is the same vowel being used for two different sounds, or is the same sound represented by two different vowels (for example, the 'ee' sound can be an 'e' or an 'i')?
  • If the name has a keyword, or root word, it should apply to a popular industry, or be broad enough to apply to several different business types.
  • There should be no more than three syllables.

In some cases we do approve domains with keywords, but that follow specific criteria. For two-word (compound) names. we're looking for:

  • Both words should be spelled fully and correctly.
  • The words should have something in common, or a linguistic connection (same first letter, same vowel sound, etc.). They can also be a common phrase, or play on a common phrase.
  • One (or both) of the words should relate to either a popular industry, or be broad enough to apply to many different types of industries.

Other things we try to avoid:

  • Numbers
  • Keyword combinations over two words
  • Very long names
  • Prefixes like 'a', 'the', or 'my'
  • Suffixes/endings like 'app', 'biz', or 'inc'
  • Plurals, except in some rare cases where a domain would make a clever consumer product name (not a company name).

Ultimately, the decision to accept a name boils down to our team's combined experience (over 30 years) of naming companies and products, along with our founder's background in linguistic studies and foreign languages.

How do I submit my domains for listing?

To submit your names for review, please sign up for an account here:

Once registered, please log into your account and select the green "Add domains" button to submit your domains. You will receive an email with the results as soon as they have been reviewed by our team.

Please note that we only list domains that are a good match for our portfolio, and you can find some information about the type of names we are seeking and do approve on this page.

What are BrandBucket fees?

We charge a $1 fee per appraisal. This is paid at the time of submission. If the name is accepted and you agree with our appraisal and wish to list the name for sale then a one time $9 listing fee will apply. This can be paid via PayPal payments or credit card from within your own account admin area.

“At this time, the $9 listing fee is being waived for all published names. This is a special promotion and subject to change at any time.”

What is BrandBucket’s commission?

BrandBucket takes a consignment fee of the selling price. This does not affect the bottom line "in your pocket" price that you want to get for your domain. You can easily see the "in your pocket" amount when pricing a domain from within your admin area. The BrandBucket fee is:

  • 30% for names below $50,000 USD
  • 20% for names between $50,000 USD and $100,000 USD
  • 15% for names above $100,000 USD

Where do the fees go?

We use the fees to make sure BrandBucket is always gaining relevant traffic of potential customers interested in purchasing great names. We advertise on relevant websites and search engines, and full-time marketing professionals manage press, promotions and public relations. We do this to make sure your name is seen by potential buyers and expedite the sale for you. 

How much will the logo designer take?

You decide how much to give the logo designer anywhere between $100-$500. This is added on to the listing price and the buyer will pay it.

What if my domain has a logo already?

In general we prefer that the logo designers in our community create a logo for all domains submitted to us. However, if you are a professional designer with a strong logo design portfolio, we can consider you to join the community, and then you'll be able to upload your own logos for your own domain names.

If you haven't already registered as a domain owner, please sign up here:

Then you can send an email to info @ BrandBucket dot com with your design portfolio URL and ask to be considered to join the designer community as a domain owner. If approved we'll upgrade your account to be both a logo designer and domain owner. You'll then be able to upload your own logos if your domains are approved for listing.

How will I get paid?

BrandBucket can pay you using either PayPal or Payoneer and before requesting a payment you must configure your account with one of the above payment methods from your Account page.
  • For PayPal you must make sure to include your live PayPal account email address.
  • For Payoneer you can connect your BrandBucket account with Payoneer via the link we provide you in your Account page.
Accessing Payment Report
  • Log into your account and click on “View My Balance Report" in the right sidebar. In your Balance Report, you will see four tabs:
  • All Payments - This lists all your payments in each of three statuses of Escrow, Due, and Paid. You will also see the date of each payment request if it was made.
  • Escrow - This lists of all names that are still currently in escrow. Funds are not available to be dispersed while in escrow, and can only be requested when they are due.
  • Due - This lists of all names that have completed escrow and funds are now available to be requested.
  • Paid - This contains a list of all names whose funds have been paid along with each payment request date.
Please note for payments on sold names there is a minimum 5 day waiting period for the payment to become available after the name is sold. Requesting Payment
  • To request a payment, simply click on the “Request Payment” button located to the right of your Balance Report.
  • This next screen will show you all the names and their associated funds that are available to be withdrawn.
  • Simply select the names you wish to be paid for using the checkmarks, and then click “Continue”.
  • The final screen will confirm the amount being requested and any fees associated with the transaction.
  • After a payment request has been made, you will receive an email confirmation from BrandBucket, and then a separate email from either PayPal or Payoneer confirming the payment. Please be aware that the emails from PayPal and Payoneer may take up to 3 hours to be received.
Payment Fees Payoneer - Worldwide
  • For payments under $500 a $3 fee is charged.
  • For payments over $500 there is no fee.
PayPal - Located in the United States
  • For payments under $500 a $1 fee is charged.
  • For payments over $500 there is no fee.
PayPal - Located outside of the United States
  • For payments under $500 the fee is 2% of the total.
  • For payments over $500 the fee is 2% of the total minus $3.

How do you verify I own the domain name?

When listing a domain name at BrandBucket, we ask you to point the domain name to our website. This allows us to verify that you do own the domain name, and allows us to capture traffic to this domain name to its own buy now page on our website.

Do I have to re-direct my site to BrandBucket?

Yes, it is 100% mandatory, this will allow visitors to your site to know it is for sale on BrandBucket with the listed price. 

How do I verify my domain name?

After your domain submission has been approved and you've paid your listing fee, we ask that you verify your ownership of the domain by forwarding (or redirecting) your domain name to your BrandBucket sales page.

Changing Nameservers

Within your registrar's control panel, edit the nameservers for your domain. You should set the first and second nameservers to NS1.BRANDBUCKET.COM and NS2.BRANDBUCKET.COM, and leave the third and fourth nameservers blank. These changes may take up to an hour to propagate through the web.

Verify Change & Move to Publishing

To verify the forwarding on your domains and push the names for publishing, log in to your account and then click the "Validate DNS" button within the domain listing box. If the forwarding is set up correctly, you will see a message that your domain has been validated. Once a domain is validated, the listing fee paid and the description is complete you need to click on the "Submit for Listing" button to move the name for publishing. If you have questions regarding this process please contact us at info @ BrandBucket dot com.

Can I list the domain for sale elsewhere?

No. By submitting and accepting your name for listing at BrandBucket you are agreeing to have BrandBucket as the exclusive seller for the duration that a domain name is listed, and listing the domain for sale elsewhere is prohibited. 

At any time you may request to have your domains removed from BrandBucket, and they will continue to be listed for 30 days from the time of your notification. 

Please note our Seller’s Policy below for more details.

How do I remove my name from other marketplaces?

You may occasionally receive an email notice that one of your domain names published for sale on BrandBucket is also listed for sale on another marketplace.

If you listed the name for sale: Please log in to your account on the other marketplace and remove or delete the listing.

If you did not list the name for sale (the name is possibly under a previous owner's account): You will need to submit a support request to the marketplace asking that the names be removed or deleted. You should submit the request from the email address currently listed on the domain name's WHOIS record to verify that you are the current owner. Below are links to the support centers on a few of the larger marketplaces:

Why was my domain rejected for listing?

We are very particular about the domains we showcase for sale. We are looking for highly brandable domain names that have no or little spelling variations. Your regular keyword domain is not accepted here nor is any adult related content.

Rules for sellers

BrandBucket works hard to provide a user-friendly domain marketplace and to generate traffic for its domain listings. The following rules for sellers help BrandBucket ensure secure and painless transactions for domain sales.

BrandBucket's rules for sellers apply to domains sold through the BrandBucket marketplace or with the assistance of BrandBucket's domain brokerage services.

The following practices are not permitted by BrandBucket:

Non-selling seller

If your domain is sold, you must complete the transaction with a ready, willing, and able buyer. Sellers who refuse to complete an accepted transaction risk having their BrandBucket accounts cancelled.

Modification of listings during negotiation

If you are made aware of an offer on your domain name, any change to your listing, including an increase in price or reduction of add-ons included with the sale within the following two weeks, will be considered a violation of BrandBucket's rules. Sellers refusing to return their listing to the previous state risk having their BrandBucket accounts cancelled.

Violation of sales exclusivity agreement

submitting and accepting your name for listing at BrandBucket you are agreeing to have BrandBucket as the exclusive seller for the duration that a domain name is listed, and transacting a sale outside of the BrandBucket marketplace for the purpose of circumventing fees that would otherwise be due to BrandBucket is strictly prohibited. At any time you may request to have your domains removed from BrandBucket, and they will continue to be listed for 30 days from the time of your notification. Sellers transacting a sale outside of the BrandBucket marketplace will be required to pay the BrandBucket commission amount, which is 30% of the listed sale price on BrandBucket reserves the right to cancel the account of a seller with offsite sales.

Solicitation of an offsite sale

Soliciting domain sales outside of the BrandBucket marketplace is strictly prohibited. This includes listing domains that are published for sale on BrandBucket on other domain marketplaces and personal websites, using user contact information obtained from BrandBucket or using any of BrandBucket's services or features to offer to sell any approved domains outside of the BrandBucket marketplace, or sending unsolicited commercial email offers to buyers that have inquired about your domains, or any domains listed on the BrandBucket marketplace. Domain names found to be listed on external websites will be removed by BrandBucket, and sellers found intentionally or repeatedly violating these anti-solicitation rules risk having their BrandBucket accounts cancelled.

Publication of sales information on external websites

Information on any domain name sold at BrandBucket, including the name, price and/or logo design may not be listed on your personal website or other marketplace without BrandBucket's approval. BrandBucket retains the right to be the sole publisher of sales information in order to comply with customers' needs to make this information private at any time. Sellers publishing BrandBucket domain sales information without BrandBucket's approval risk having their BrandBucket accounts cancelled.

Listing trademark protected domains

When you list a domain for sale in BrandBucket's domain database you are representing that you are the legal owner of the domain and that the domain is free of any legal proceedings challenging your right to use the domain. This includes domains which infringe upon the rights of international trademark owners. Before listing a domain for sale in the domain database, it is your responsibility to perform the necessary research to ensure that your domain does not infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party. Often, sellers only become aware of potential trademark issues after listing their domains for sale in the domain database. When this occurs, sellers must remove such domains until legal clarification has been made. BrandBucket reserves the right to remove domains from our domain database which, in BrandBucket's sole discretion, may infringe or violate the proprietary rights of any third party.

Failure to keep Account up-to-date

When listing a domain for sale, sellers agree to keep any data which they have added to the domain database up-to-date. If a domain has expired, the seller must request to have it removed from the database. Furthermore, sellers must remove domains from the domain database immediately if a warning has been issued, or as soon as any knowledge has been received that the rights of a third party or existing laws could be violated by the listing. This shall apply until legal clarification of the situation has been made.

Reporting a Violation of BrandBucket's Rules for Sellers

If a domain seller has failed to follow any of the rules above, you may report the seller to BrandBucket by sending an email to info @ BrandBucket dot com. While it is your right as a buyer to seek judicial enforcement of your sales agreement, BrandBucket may choose to issue a formal warning, a temporary suspension of the seller’s account, or canceling their account. When filing a complaint against a seller it is important to include any documentation of the seller's violation of the above rules with the full message text and complete email headers. Our Privacy Policy prevents BrandBucket from discussing the result of an investigation.