A Guide to Application Naming

Searching for ideas on how to name your mobile app? Stuck in a rut brainstorming? Read our advice below to learn how to think outside the box and plan your app naming process.

Try words like "Crypto" or "Fun"


Even if you are just starting out, plan for growth. Don't just reach for the first name that strikes a chord or sounds cool.
You want a app name that can grow with your business, no matter what the future may hold.

Avoid Generic Keywords

If your app is designed to disrupt an industry, why would you use the same keywords as them? Brands like Lyft and Uber stand out because hey're declaratively not using the word taxi, even if they offer a very similar service. When naming your app, use your keyboards as a springboard for inspiration. How do you want people to feel when they're using your app? What are you doing that's different or special? Find something different to say about your brand or service offering.

Build a Brand

Great brand names have endless applications and brandplay potential. For example, is there lingo that ties into your app name? Think Tweeting and Twitter. How about potential expansion? If you're a fast food delivery service today, can you expand your app brand meaning to include grocery delivery in the future? Is your name short enough that you can tack on another word - like Google Home - to differentiate app products? Think about where your brand can go from day one to day one thousand.

What If You Pivot?

The most successful apps on the planet are so much more than what they started out as. Runaway successes like Snapchat (now known as Snap at the parent company level) have evolved their brand so they can expand their product line to more than just a chat platform. If one aspect of your app finds more success than another, make sure your app name is flexible enough to allow you to pivot without a total rebrand.

Don't Forget the Website

Sure people will look for you on the app store, but they will also likely track you down online. Your app website is a showcase for great reviews, detailed features, and online support. If you offer paid services or products, your website can be the perfect enticement to encourage those purchases. Choose an app name that has top level domain availability. People should be able to hear your app name, remember it, and easily type it in with a .com ending.

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