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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose A German Business Name?

These names are unusual and interesting, and because they are so unique, they are easily brandable to reflect your existing business as well as any future expansions of the good and services you offer.

Another feature of these German-inspired names is the uncommon sound of their pronunciation, which is close to English - and therefore somewhat familiar - but also different enough to remain super memorable and intriguing. Keep consumers guessing and coming back for more!

Are there specific regulations for German business names?

How do I check the availability of a German business name?

Can I use English words in a German business name?

Do I need to include legal forms in the business name?

What are common components of German business names?

How do German business naming conventions differ from other countries?

Can I change my German business name later?

Are there prohibited words or phrases in German business names?

How do I ensure my German business name resonates with local customers?


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