Why Doesn't a Business Name Generator Work?

What is a brand and branding? It's communication and if done correctly, an inspiration of emotion and connection. Now there's no doubt that generators, especially these days, can have quite impressive amounts of data behind them. However in order to succeed in branding, you need both organized data and emotional, cultural and social intelligence - the latter are things that generators simply cannot provide.

A business name generator can't successfully quantify the current social emotion toward a word or even the potential negative connotations of a word in one industry, versus the positive connotations of a word in another. A generator can't completely grasp nuances of common expressions or modern slang and when they're appropriate or not. A generator can't quite abstractly understand the energy or emotion a name conveys, for example can it help you find a fun name that does not simply contain the keyword "fun"? What if this seemingly unrelated keyword could be the perfect cool, abstract expression for what you do?

All the tags, categorizations and keyword triggers that it would take to successfully make a generator essentially thoughtful rather than calculating will still need constant human input. BrandBucket realized this long ago and has responded by combining the two into a highly curated marketplace that uses a robust search engine that's constantly being fed name evaluation information by a dedicated team of branding experts. We understand that you want to hear the best options, not an aggregate of all options - so we built a domain marketplace that lets you do just that.