Why is a .com Domain Name Is the Best Option?

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Over the years there have been debates on the importance of the .com TLD (Top Level Domain) extension. This is especially true in the tech industry, as we're seeing more and more new extensions gain popularity.

There are obvious pros to choosing to go with a new TLD,

  1. There are more available domains, so you are more likely to find an unregistered brandable name that you actually like (almost all good .com business domains are already registered).
  2. In most cases, they are considerably cheaper than a comparable .com domain. For instance, a single word business related keyword .com domain can run you well over $10,000. The same keyword .io domain (popular in tech) probably won’t cost over 1k.
  3. You can choose one that fits your industry, or becomes part of your brand name..

All definitive benefits. But the .com is still king.

Consider what, or more importantly who, you are doing this for. The domain name, the branding, the marketing, the website, the whole business itself. All of it. Who is it for?

Hint: It isn’t you. It’s your customers.

Your customers will drive your business. So they are your number one priority. So what are your customers looking for in your domain name? What will make them want to do business with you?


You want a domain TLD that people know and trust. Doing business online is risky business for customers. There are tons of scams and illegitimate websites out there, and it is hard to tell the difference between one that it is legit, and one that isn’t. So customers have to rely on subtle indicators to determine a website’s trustworthiness. One of the first indicators is your domain extension. If they see a TLD they aren’t familiar with, they are less likely to trust the website, and the business it represents.

Put yourself in their shoes. Pretend you're visiting a website you’ve never visited before. What would make you trust this business you don’t know? What would make you comfortable giving them your email or phone number? Your credit card information? Having a .com domain is a clue to your customers that your business is on the up-and-up.


The biggest reason why .com is the best TLD for your site is because the .com is the most intuitive domain extension. When the internet launched, the ".com" became a defining term in the zeitgeist and has stuck, so much so that it is almost a brand in itself.

When you tell people your business name, they are automatically going to assume that your website is “your business name” + “.com”. If you use another TLD, this can lead to confusion when your customers try to find you on the web.


Dot-com domains are perceived as a status symbol because of their scarcity and relatively high price tag. Having a .com domain signals to your customers that your business is established enough to have a valuable asset (the .com version of your brand name) representing it.

Conversely, newer TLDs, and even older ones like .net and .biz, can come off as unprofessional to your potential customers. In addition, newer TLDs can give the impression that your business is new and less established, no matter how long you’ve actually been around.

If Your Business Means Business, a .com Domain is the Way to Go.

So before you go ahead and snap up the .org, net, or one of the 1000s of new gTLDs, and pat yourself on the back for getting a 4-letter domain for pennies on the dollar, know that you are only serving yourself, not your business or your customers. While there are situations that new TLDs can work for businesses, when in doubt, go with the .com.


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