Why a .com domain name is the best option?

Over the years there have been debates on the importance of the .com extension. Especially in the tech industry we're seeing more and more new extensions. Now there are pros to registering a new TLD, including the fact that you're probably going to be able to get the exact domain name you want for a much cheaper price. But before you go ahead and snap up the .org or .net consider this. The biggest reason why .com is the best TLD for your site is because the .com is the most intuitive domain extension. When the internet launched, the ".com" became a defining term in the zeitgeist and has stuck.

On the internet's end, as in SEO, the .com is believed to be favored simply because it's the oldest and largest TLD. While this isn't directly confirmed by engines like Google and there have been studies that show the choice of extension may not be as relevant to your site's visibility - .com is the safest bet to put it simply.

On the buyer's end, this is because when looking for their favorite company's site, the average user naturally punches in "businessname.com". If that proves to be the wrong URL, best case scenario they try a few other familiar extensions and eventually research the brand's domain. Worst case scenario, they give up.

Now that tie to the .com is not purely emotional - the TLD ".com" is short for "commercial" and has become an identifying characteristic of business sites. When completing transactions or providing personal / financial information, the .com extension not only inspires recognition but also trust. This falls in line with why, for example, a non profit organization may raise eyebrows for using a ".com" extension. Hence what ".com" is to businesses, the ".org" (short for organization) is to nonprofits.