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Coming up with a domain name for your business is an exciting process, but it can also be a challenging one. Generating quality domain name ideas that fit your brand is time consuming and can frustrate even the most unflappable entrepreneur. But with the right approach, it can be a much simpler and headache-free process.



The right approach to discovering great domain name ideas starts before you begin brainstorming.
Follow these simple tips to setting up a more focused and efficient brainstorming session.

Define Your Business ‘Why’

Meditate on your business. What products or services do you offer? How do those products or services serve your customers?. How do you want your business to be positioned? What makes your business special? Use these questions to generate a rough list of traits and attributes that describe the essence of your business.

Define Your Decision Makers

Too many cooks in the kitchen is often a recipe for indecision, or worse, bad decisions. That’s why it’s best to define a core group of people that will be a part of the brainstorming process. That doesn’t mean you can’t get input from others, but there should be a designated time for that. Keep the team small, and creativity will flow more freely.

Define Your Domain Style

Do you want an invented domain like Google or Asana? Or a keyword name like Basecamp? Or maybe a mashup of two words, like Groupon? Deciding on a domain style before you start brainstorming gets that fundamental argument out of the way, and will make your session much more productive. For more on the different domain types, check out our business name style guide.

Define Your Budget

Deciding on how much you want to invest in your business name early on allows you to narrow your search from the get-go, and get your team on the same page. That being said, if you don’t find what you are looking for in your price range, don’t be afraid to adjust. Most great business domain names are already taken, so if you want quality, expect to make a sizeable investment.



Find a domain name that is unique and highly brandable that you can buy today.
Less brainstorming, more out-of-the-box ideas.

See What's Available

We've all been stuck in the cycle of thinking of a name, only to find out that the .com domain is already taken. It can be a frustrating process, and you may end up settling. Why not start here with a list of great domain names with brand potential?

Stop Playing Email Tag

If a domain you want is registered, it's hard to tell if it's for sale. If you can get a response, chances are the price will be outrageous. Our domain names are priced affordably for startups and small businesses, and are available now.

Take a Break from Brainstorming

Browse our domains with an open mind. Mark your favorites, and discuss them with friends. Chances are you will see a pattern emerge that will best define your style. Contact us, and we can help you find some to match your project.


BrandBucket is more affordable than a traditional branding agency so you are able to get your business up and running efficiently. We know running a startup and deciding on your business name is hard, and that's why we built BrandBucket!

Filter Through the Clutter

Traditional domain name marketplaces are not curated, and there are hundreds of thousands of not-so-great names for sale. We've picked out the best of the best to make your search easier.

Worth Every Penny

Time is money. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers who all agree: the time saved by focusing only on available, well-priced names is precious. Stop searching, start building your idea!


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BrandBucket is a marketplace for brandable domain name ideas. Browse, buy and get inspired by our ready-to-use business domain names with a logo for your next venture.

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