What is the difference between a domain name and a business name?

The best practice in order to build your business name into a recognized and trustworthy brand is consistent messaging. This means that you want your domain name to be an exact match to your business name - though potentially it could be ANYTHING. You want both your business name and your domain name to be credible and professional and whether its due to the domain being too expensive or simply unavailable, you may need to use an alternative. However as your business grows you'll find that your exact match domain will become increasingly valuable to you and unfortunately, increasingly more expensive to acquire.

Did you know that before they acquired DropBox.com, GetDropbox.com was the original home of the file hosting behemoth, DropBox? And even the unicorn Uber began its life in the startup jungle using the Internet address of UberCab.com. So you won't be surprised when I tell you that the social media giant, Twitter, got its auspicious start with a misspelled version of its brand using the domain Twttr.com. Across the board, they all eventually made their digital hubs at their exact match domains.

The serious benefits of having the matching domain for your business name does mean that you'll want to plan ahead. If you don't keep the domain availability in mind you'll fall into a painful loop of choosing a name you love only to find that you need to start the creative process all over again because you can't secure the domain. That's why BrandBucket, where all domains are curated for their brandability but also guaranteed available and transparently priced, stands out among other naming resources. It's not only the place to buy a domain, it's also the place to find a great business name.