What Is the Difference Between Brandable Business Names and Unique Domain Names?

A business name must be built into a brand. Becoming a brand comes with hard work and time. Some brands may seem like they became household names overnight but they built up that presence in the public's mind. Now all business names can become brands but some business names do have more potential to be built into a great brand. We see it often where a company chooses a rather generic name that doesn't quite convey who they are but is a decent placeholder. This could be due to the need to simply get started or lack of funds because a great brand does take the investment of time and money. Once the business takes off and grows to a certain size the company is faced with rebranding. They may now have the funds to acquire a great "brand name" as their business name but they'll also need the time and funds to then spread awareness of the change.

This by no means is to imply that a rebrand is not worth the effort or a viable option, but it does punctuate the fact that if you have "brandability" in mind when choosing a business name, you can save yourself quite a few resources. Brandability essentially means the potential of a name to be built into a brand. At its core this means the name is catchy, memorable and easy to say and spell. You don't want to simply describe what you do but having a name that implies a connection to your service or industry is definitely a plus. If you don't want to box your company in, especially if you plan to expand as you grow, so maybe an invented name is the way to go. There are quite a world of options and approaches but don't be overwhelmed - you know your company best and you have those core characteristics to guide you.