What is a premium domain name?

A premium domain name combines just the right amount of creativity, memorability and credibility to be a great brand. Now if you are able to come up with a name that perfectly balances these elements on your own, you'll more often than not find that it's unavailable to register.

It's understandable that if a name is great, someone else was also interested and registered it already. The good news is, not all registered domains are in use. This can be due to a few factors, such as the original company closing its doors or an entrepreneur wasn't quite able to launch their project. Regardless, that name could be yours! The bad news is, you'll most likely be trying to purchase from someone who can and will name any price they want. You know your brand and domain are essential things to invest in, but you also know when something is unfair. This all adds up to a lot of frustration and costly delay when you're simply trying to find the right name for your business and get to work.

Here's how BrandBucket helps - we connect businesses looking for amazing brands and sellers who want fair value for their premium domains into a simple and secure transaction. Our domain team brings its 30+ years of marketing, domain and linguistic knowledge to hand pick premium names and price them transparently and fairly. That means every premium domain you see in our marketplace is highly vetted, fairly priced and (best of all) guaranteed available, giving you a smarter way to brand your business.