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How to apply lean branding to business naming?

When people think about naming their company, a lot of things come to mind. They think about coming up with the perfect name. They think about it being a very critical decision. They think they will need a lot of outside opinions. And they think about all of this taking a very long time.

Talk to any entrepreneur and you'll hear stories about how hard it is to start working on your company without a name. When you can't talk about it, when you can't create a label on a folder or a title on a whiteboard, you're constantly distracted and pulled towards thoughts of naming. Without a business name you can't truly get down to work. But you need to start working.

The Lean Branding Approach
Thinking "lean" can help you get over the hurdle of choosing a business name. However, don't confuse lean with "cheap" like some people do. As the founder of The Lean Startup Eric Ries puts it, "Lean Startup isn't about being cheap [but is about] being less wasteful and still doing things that are big." Lean Branding is about being smart about how you work, being mindful of your time, and being open to resources that help you do both.

Lean Branding is also about getting to your starting point as quickly as possible, so that you can start testing how your brand resonates with customers. No brand is perfect from the get-go, but following the lean methodology allows you to put a message out there, test it, and refine it.
Make the Choice Easier

Making a decision is exhausting. Decision fatigue is a thing and anything you can do to reduce the number of viable options for your choice helps you save time and make a better decision. When it comes to business names, you should be diligent about only bringing names to the table that are available and quickly attainable, even if it means excluding some names that may seem "ideal" or "a perfect fit".