How to Name Your Business

Keeping the core characteristics of a great business name in mind (memorable, pronounceable and creative) start looking for names that best represent your company and are available to use. This sounds simple but there is an entire industry behind branding for a reason. Branding is a skill and a profession - it takes time and experience to fully understand what makes a great business name.

The problem is not everyone can afford or knows if they can trust a branding agency to do the best job. Yes it's a nuanced process that requires information but it's hard to beat the feeling that it's also an intuitive process. You have examples of great brands all around you, and you know one when you see one - it's just hard to know where to start. The key is to be focused but not narrow in your search. This is exactly why BrandBucket was founded years ago by entrepreneurs who wanted to cut out the middleman.

By taking a group of branding experts and having them sift through possible names to curate a short list of great names so that you don't have to, BrandBucket provides that consultative experience for nothing more than the domain price. All you have to do is take a look and find the name that hits home for you and your company - knowing all the while that any name you choose is already professionally vetted as a great brand name. After all, even with a full brand consultancy or agency experience, you will be the ultimate decision maker because no one knows your company like you.