Beauty Name Ideas

You're starting a beauty business, and looking for attractive and exciting brand name ideas. You've come to the right place. Finding the perfect name for your beauty brand shouldn't be a headache, it should be an empowering experience. With that in mind, we've put together an amazing collection of unique, intriguing, and trendy beauty business ideas to inspire you

Industry and Competitor Analysis

The beauty business has been around since cave people discovered mud gave their complexion a glow and crushed wild strawberries refreshed their tired eyes. The cosmetic industry alone generates over $400 billion every year and is expected to reach almost $470 billion by 2027. It has never been more competitive. New and ambitious beauty businesses are breaking new ground with products that not only enhance natural beauty, but are cleaner and healthier to use, and even contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet. With so many entrants in the market, if you are starting a beauty business, you are going to need a brand name that sets you apart from the competition and catches the eye of potential customers.

A great way to gain valuable insight and inspiration for your own name ideas is to take a look at businesses that are already established within your industry. The beauty industry is still led by tried and true brands who have kept pace with today's demand for fresher, cleaner, more game-changing products. Despite this, new and innovative brands are succeeding in capturing both attention and sales. Let's take a look at some of today's venerable beauty businesses as well as some recent additions to the marketplace, and analyze what makes their brand names tick.

No list of beauty businesses would be complete without industry leader L'Oreal. The French chemist who created the company in 1919 invented the name now recognized the world over, drawing inspiration from a popular hairstyle called Aureale and as a play on the French word Aureole, meaning halo.

Uoma Beauty is the fastest-growing new beauty company in the world, and used an approach similar to L'Oreal's in choosing their name. Created in the US by Nigerian businesswoman Sharon Chuter to focus on inclusivity, Uoma's name was inspired by the Nigerian words uma, for people, and oma, meaning beautiful.

Arguably the most iconic name in the beauty industry, Coco Chanel kept it simple and centered the name on herself. Although Chanel had partners and investors from the first, the eponymous fashion and beauty empire honors and reflects her vision and allure.

Almost a century later, Rihanna followed in Chanel's footsteps (with a twist) with her wildly popular Fenty Beauty, cleverly using her relatively unknown, but very catchy, last name. Just as with Coco Chanel, Rihanna became the iconic face and fortune of Fenty Beauty.

Created by Barbara Paldus, an electrical engineer, Codex Beauty combines ancient and natural ingredients with cutting-edge 21st Century science and technology. The name Codex is a perfect choice, combining its use for modern-day food and safety standards with its traditional meaning of ancient manuscripts.

Vegan, cruelty-free, climate-neutral, and gluten-free, OSEA Beauty lives up to its name, an acronym for Ocean, Sea, Earth, and Atmosphere. In an increasingly environmentally concerned world, OSEA promises to lessen its customer's carbon footprint while providing products that enhance natural beauty.

Brainstorming Name Ideas

There are many effective ways to come up with great name ideas for a business. Here are a few that we at BrandBucket use often, along with BrandBucket name ideas that are ready to purchase immediately, or use as inspiration.

Try Word Association

To generate beauty business name ideas effectively, first brainstorm words related to the industry you are in. This will help you broaden your horizons when it comes to naming possibilities. The best way to do this is to come at the subject from different angles, which will give you the greatest diversity of results.

Having helped thousands of entrepreneurs find the perfect name for their business, we have a good idea of what people are looking for in a name. Here are some name ideas for beauty-related words that are popular right now. The words I came up with are natural, fresh, clean, plant-based, and inclusive.

"Natural" Name Ideas

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"Fresh" Name Ideas

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"Clean" Name Ideas

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"Plant-based" Name Ideas

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"Inclusive" Name Ideas

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Generate Name Ideas for Your Specific Niche

The name ideas you come up with will depend on the specific type of beauty business you are in. Here are some of the main categories of beauty businesses, along with some relevant name ideas.

Hair Care Products

With shampoos, conditioners, oils, straightening, curling, and infusion products and the vast array of hair coloring offerings, hair care products expand yearly with new ideas and technologies. The hair care industry is massive because just about everyone - women, men & children are potential customers.

"Hair Care" Name Ideas

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Skincare Brands

Today, skin care products have become ‘niche' targeted - not only between men and women, but for different ages, different skin types, a wide variety of skincare problems, and more. While the market at times looks saturated, every year some new skincare products do push their way through, capturing their own ‘niche' customers.

"Skin Care" Name Ideas

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Nail Salon Names

Beyond the vast array of nail colors, the nail care industry encompasses tools for filing, shaping, painting, clipping, strengthening, enriching, and more. Previously almost exclusively targeted towards women, today's nail is innovative and inclusive.

"Nail Salon" Name Ideas

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Cosmetics Business

Cosmetics exist to accentuate what you love and diminish what you don't. Whether it's a dash of mascara and lip gloss or full-on war paint, cosmetic companies all exist for the same reason - to instill a feeling of beauty and confidence in its wearer.

"Cosmetics" Name Ideas

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Beauty name ideas you can purchase instantly

You can use this list of top-tier brand names as inspiration, or you can purchase instantly with just a few clicks. All of our names come with a matching .com domain name, and a professionally designed logo, so you will have a fully realized brand name right out of the box. Purchase the name you like by clicking on it, or browse more names to find your brand idea.

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Generate Name Ideas for Your Specific Niche

Know your Brand

Before you start generating name ideas, you want to have a clear picture of what your brand is all about, and what you want it to convey. You can accomplish this by answering a few key questions about your business's purpose, your target market, and your brand's intended style and tone. The answers to these questions will form a succinct version of a brand brief. Use this brief as a reference when coming up with name ideas.
  • What does your company do? (Describe your business and the products and/or services that you will provide.)
  • Who is your target market? (Who is the intended customer for your product/service?)
  • What is Your company's mission statement? (Don't just put "to sell x products. This is your company's raison d'etre, its overarching purpose or mission, not specific to a single product)
  • What are your brand's style and tone? (What is your brand's personality/voice? Is it fun, innovative, hip, classic, etc..)
  • What does your brand aspire to? (Hopefully, your brand will grow over time. What do you envision it becoming when it is fully realized?)
  • What is your value proposition? (What is the key factor that differentiates yourself within your industry? Among your competitors?)

Think Outside of the Box

A common trap many first-time entrepreneurs fall into when naming their business is that they come in with a preconceived set of ideas about what their name should be. This usually results in some dry, over descriptive name ideas, often containing a single keyword the entrepreneur has fixated on.

For instance, there is nothing wrong with using the word "beauty" in your name if it's a really good fit, but every name idea you generate shouldn't be just "beauty"+ random word. Having all your name ideas revolve around a single word leads to repetitive, unoriginal names that can stifle your naming process from the start.

Plus, overly descriptive words just aren't the naming standard among successful companies. According to Crowdspring, 72% of the top brands are named after made-up words or acronyms.

Does that mean your brand name needs to be made up to be successful? No, many brands are successful with keyword names as well!

It just means that you should think outside the box when it comes to the styles and types of names you are open to considering. Casting a wider net name-wise will exponentially increase your options and your chances of finding the perfect name for your business along with it.

Follow Business Naming Best Practices

Every business name is unique, but the great ones do share some common linguistic traits. Here are a few that we think are important.

Great business names are:
  • Super catchy and memorable - Your name should capture attention immediately, and stick in people's heads for as long as possible.
  • Easy to pronounce and to spell - This makes it easier for people to understand and recall your name, and to tell their friends about it.
  • Unique yet familiar linguistically - You want your name to stand out in a crowd, yet not be so different that it confuses people.
  • Right fit for your specific industry - The vegan industry has a different style or tone than the tech industry, and you want to take that into account when naming your business.
  • Speak to something important to your brand identity - Make sure your brand name speaks to some aspect of your brand. This could be as simple as the vibe you want your brand to have, or it could highlight your business's differentiating characteristics, value proposition, etc.

Make Sure Your Name Can Expand with You

Great brand names not only highlight your business's initial products or services. They are also broad enough to grow with your brand as it expands.

For instance:

"Max Factor Secret Key with Pitera" was not just an awkward mouthful for a revolutionary new skincare product, it was also too specifically named after its proud corporate owner. The brand was later renamed SK-II under the company Procter & Gamble.

"Amazon" started as an online bookstore, but their brand name doesn't limit them to their beginnings. Rather, it points to their aspirations to become an e-commerce solution with vast scale and an amazing variety of products.

These broad names are generally harder (and pricier) to acquire than longer, more specific names like "Cedar Heights Nail Care" You may be thinking "I'm just a small, local mani/pedi, why do I need a fancy expansive name?"

Firstly, don't sell yourself or your business's potential short. Why limit your options? You don't know where you are going to be in a few years, how you'll expand, what new areas of a business opportunity may reveal themselves over time. Your brand name will be with you forever if you do it right. If you don't, you'll have to rebrand, which is almost always much costlier than just picking the right name in the first place.

Secondly, businesses that aspire are more likely to catch fire. Humans aspire, and they want the companies they align themselves with to aspire as well. So even if you don't have big plans for your business, you want to give your customers the impression that you do, and show them that you are on the same level as your competitors, who do.

The fact is that thinking expansively and dreaming big when coming to your business name is just a good brand strategy, and you should incorporate it regardless of your immediate plans for your business.

Make Sure the Matching .com Doman is Available

If you plan on doing business online, you'll want a matching .com domain for your business name. Dot-com domains are often more expensive to acquire than other domain extensions, but they are worth it. Why do you need the .com, as opposed to another domain extension such as .net or .shop? Here are a few reasons why:

Reputability -One of the first indicators is your domain extension. If they see a TLD they aren't familiar with, they are less likely to trust the website, and the business it represents.

Authority - Dot-com domains are perceived as a status symbol because of their scarcity and relatively high price tag. Having a .com domain signals to your customers that your business is established enough to have a valuable asset (the .com version of your brand name) representing it.

Familiarity - .com is the most intuitive domain extension. When the internet launched, the ".com" became a defining term in the zeitgeist and has stuck, so much so that it is almost a brand in itself. When you tell someone the name of your business, they will automatically assume the domain extension is .com.

Try BrandBucket

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