What type of names will I find on BrandBucket?

Business naming is both an art and game of chance. In the modern business climate the landscape is cluttered with attention seeking brands betting their success on the nuance of name recognition. Names can be obvious (pets.com), have a relatable meaning (Lyft) or are more esoteric but infer a mood or feeling (Google).

It's said that "the good names", or those very literal names are taken, but are they? Enter brandable names. Think more broadly, consider the long-term evolution of your business. What makes sense today may not be the case next year. Your name should be more encompassing, not tied to a keyword or literal translation of your business.

Many names on BrandBucket are non-keyword names that have no specific meaning. While some names may not have a direct relation to your business or product, they can convey qualities that are important to your company (like strength), or an overall feeling (like youth and fun).

Names that are free from keywords (also known as "vessel" names) become strong brands over time, and offer the flexibility to evolve a business without the restriction of a keyword-based name. If this is uncharted territory for you, test the names you like with colleagues and friends for some guidance.

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