Winning Companies have Winning Brand Names

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Every year the media company, TechCrunch, sponsors a startup showcase called, Disrupt in various cities.  It’s an event that allows new companies to expose their innovative ideas to industry peers, the tech media and venture capitalists.   The program brings together the brightest entrepreneurs, tech mavens and investors for a series of live interviews, networking sessions and competitions.  This year’s event included the usual array of innovations designed to enhance consumer experience, business transactions and commerce.

One of the key aspects of the event is the business pitching competition called Startup Battlefield. The contest featured a $50,000 cash prize and was central to the conference event.

Let’s take a peek at a few of the competitors and the cool brand names they come up with.

Erase your passwords

UnifyID has a program that builds a comprehensive profile for each customer based on their devices, web preferences and behaviors.  Their program automatically combines data to establish a unique user identity. This new cyber ID replaces the passwords currently used to gain access to private web memberships and user accounts.

UnifyID’s brand, and matching dot-com domain, are a fitting handle for their unique product which unifies the identity bearing characteristics for each user.  As you can see they’ve created their brand by combining the word, unify, with the abbreviation for the word, identity.

Hire a cyber ninja

Millions of homes now have web connected, smart devices that are easy targets for mischievous hackers. Even the director of the FBI says he puts tape over his home webcam to protect his privacy from cyber criminals.  But a new company, called CUJO, offers a device which provides a robust firewall that protects multiple, smart home devices simultaneously. By using a combination of cloud services, machine learning, and mobile apps, CUJO’s plug-n-play device could give homeowners total peace of mind for their tech-smart homes.

CUJO’s brand is reminiscent of the word, dojo, which is a room where martial arts are practiced.  The style of their brand lets consumers know that their proprietary firewall will pounce on cyber threats with the skill of a black belt and the ferociousness of a junk yard dog.

Improve yourself

Another strong competitor is a company called Mobalytics.  It’s business model features an innovative coaching program for amateur and professional gamers.  The Mobalytics system helps gaming enthusiasts discover their innate player weaknesses and allows them to radically improve their skills.  Because E-sports are a rapidly growing and innovative market, Mobalytics has the potential for success in a very promising technology niche.

Their brand is a creative blend of the words “mobile” and “analytics.”  Two words that aptly describe the benefits they provide to gamers.

Finalist at the event included companies like Carbon Health, EverlyWell and Sqreen.  But in the end Mobalytics was the lucky venture that won the event, took home the Disrupt Cup and a check for $50,000.  Now we’ll have to wait and see if they can apply their winnings wisely and go on to match the success of past Battlefield winners such as Dropbox, Mint and Yammer.