What Makes A Name Cool?

makes a name coolWhoa that’s a cool name! Who doesn’t want to hear that when it comes to their company or even their product? Everyone does. But the reality is not everyone is lucky enough to hear that. Not everyone even knows what a cool name really is. Do you? Yes, why not? It’s really not difficult to know what’s cool or not. You can do that by simply skimming through some names presented in front of you. But can you define the word “cool”? Not that easy now, is it? What makes it even more complex is the fact that what’s cool to you, might not be that cool for the next person. Now you must be thinking if you can’t define cool, this article must be all about identifying what the term cool really means. Not really. The term cool is subjective and different for different individuals and there’s no point in justifying which perspectives are right and which are wrong. Moreover, what used to be cool once might no longer be cool enough and what’s considered to be cool now can turn out to be not so cool a few years later. Let’s take the example of Yahoo. It was the coolest name around for an internet portal in comparison to Alta Vista and Lycos until even cooler name Google came around. The same goes for AT&T which was the coolest until names such as T-Mobile and Verizon materialized. Hence, rather than debating about what the word really means, what’s more important is to understand what makes a name cool so that you can actually apply it in real life for your business or product. It’s imperative to face the fact that not everyone is able to come up with cool names. This is why even super computers can’t generate names that people find cool enough. It’s not just possible to program machines to give out really cool names, especially since no one can really define the term. However, humans tend to possess the ability to do so, keeping in mind the trends, environment and psychology of the people. And this is why Brandbucket has come up with a number of common characteristics that can be found in cool names, so that the next time you decide on a name for your company or product, you can make sure they have the cool factor. Let’s start with the characteristics:

  1. Sticky

Cool names stick. They stick to minds in a way that people can’t shake them off easily. And that’s what you want – a business or product name that will be easily recalled or remembered by everyone. An effective sticky consonant or alliteration can help names to do so.

  1. Short

Short names are just a lot better than longer ones. Imagine having to remember really long names along with their right spellings! Phew! The thought itself is cumbersome. When you cut down on the length, the names tend to get catchier and easier to remember.

  1. Unique

Being unique and original is what can set your product or business name to stand apart from the rest of the crowd and write its name in the book of the coolest names. Try copying famous names, and you will be lost in the crowd or even worse, named as a knock-off and just discarded. Avoid that!

  1. Melodious

Cool names sing too. Yes they do. They usually tend to have melodious characteristics that make them easier to pronounce or even get to be turned as jingles!

  1. Easy to pronounce

No point in coming up with names which are just too difficult to pronounce by people. Instead names should be very easy to pronounce so that people can tell others about it, write it down or type it in just as easily, without any errors. So make sure the linguistics and phonetics attributes of the name is good enough.

  1. Absent in dictionary

Words found in the dictionary tend to get used up in a variety of ways by a number of people. That’s why made up words are able to catch the attention a lot more easily. Of course, you can take help from the dictionary for inspiration but it’s better not to simply steal words from it as your company or product name.

  1. Adaptable

Even though made up names tend to sound cooler, make sure they still have good English construction. Why? The aim is to make them sound cool, yet adaptable enough to actually be able to become a part of the language. That way it’s easier for people to use it anywhere and anytime.

  1. Branded and trademarked

Cool names aren’t just born in a minute and spoken about by everyone in a day. They need to be nurtured too! Without appropriately and effectively being trademarked, promoted and branded, names can’t be labeled as cool. So now you know that the properties of being sticky, short, unique, melodious, adaptable, easy to pronounce and being absent in the dictionary and getting branded and trademarked are what makes a name cool. If you already have an existing name, here is an article explaining how you can change it. Feel free to let your opinion known in the comment section.