Top 7 Free Business Name Generators

Business Name Generators

When trying to come up with really good business name, you will be faced with the reality that most of the good ones have already been registered and trademarked by someone else. You may also go blank when brainstorming and feel that there are none out there that match your need. But don’t get discouraged. Instead try some of the business name generators for inspiration. You may not find that perfect name using generators, but these generators can help your brain visualize some new ideas you were not thinking of earlier. We’ve come up with 7 free and effective company name generators to help you get some creative juices flowing.

1. BizNameWiz

The by Biz Name Wiz is a free company name generator with more than a million names generated till now and over 50,000 domain searches every single day. It is a fast and private business name generator, meaning that your company name or idea will be safe from being stolen. Simply enter a word or number of words there and it will provide you with a list of probable company names as well as point out the availability of domain names.

2. Dot-O-Mator Web 2.0 Name Generator

The Dot-O-Mator is another astute web app that can help you in the creation of domain names. All you have to do is put in a word or words in the given box, select a few given endings or add your own endings and then simply click and merge them. It allows you to continue running lists of business names until you decide on one.  When you are satisfied with a name, you can even verify to ensure if the domain name is available or not.

3. Name Thingy

Name Thingy is an effective random name generator which can help you with domain names, business names, stage names, blog names and a lot more. It has trillions of names waiting for you to evaluate them. It offers a constant feed of names which you can click on in order to check if the availability of the domain name as well. It allows you to spell out the sort and length of word you are seeking as well as allows you to insert your own chosen words to be used as beginning point. What’s more is that you can manage the pace of the name feed and pause anytime you want to.

4. is a free online name generator which not only generates names for businesses, domains and products but also provides you free information and tips on effective types of naming, things to do and not to do as well as answers ten of the most crucial naming-related questions asked by companies and individuals. This generator allows you to put in particular criteria and accordingly generates lists of probable names for every single search. You can insert letters, syllables, root words, or even rhymes.

5. Brand Name Generator

This is a name generator that randomly spawns business or brand names on the basis of your desired keywords that you enter which are most appropriate if relevant to your company. It also allows you to choose exactly how the letters of those keywords can shift to create variations. Lastly it will also let you check if the particular domain names are already registered by someone else or not.

6. Rhymer

Rhymer is an online business name generator or more like a rhyming dictionary. It talks about 5 types of rhymes to make it easier for you to understand. You can simple insert a word, letters, or syllables in the given box and then select the number of syllables in order to unearth plausible business names.

7. Wordlab Business Name Generator

This is a free business name generator which helps you with company, product and domain names. It has more than 7 million names in its database, from which it generates random company names. It also allows you to get help from the Wordlab community by signing up for a free account and then posting your question in the forum.

So give the above a try, and don’t forget to browse BrandBucket for some ideas as well.

Image by: Niklas Morberg


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