The Top 8 Advantages of Invented Brand Names

Invented Brand Names

Are you in the process of identifying a perfect name for your new product or business? It’s not easy! Chances are you’ve hit a few stumbling blocks along the way. Maybe your ideal name is trademarked by someone else or the top-level domain (TLD) is unavailable. Or perhaps a competitor exists in your space that’s too similar sounding.

The reason why many fledging businesses struggle with naming is too often, the name they’ve thought is so wonderful and great is actually pretty obvious – meaning someone else has already identified it as wonderful and great well before you came up with it. So what can you do?

Coined or invented brand names are a great alternative to traditional brand names based on common words. An invented name doesn’t exist in any actual language, but it’s typically easily pronounceable based on the way it is spelled. In other words, the alphabet is your sandbox to play with.

Don’t believe us about the possibilities with a coined name? Just ask Google – a brand name that is now in the dictionary as both a noun and verb. In the meantime, here are 8 other reasons why an invented brand name might be the answer to your name selection woes:

TLD Availability
If you think your name is witty and brilliant, chances are someone else has too – and they’re hogging the top-level domain, banking on you to shell out big time for it. But a completely unfamiliar word like Xeloro or Fozara? You’re way more likely to find that the TLD is available and affordable.

Some numbers have shown that only about a third of submitted trademarks are actually registered (and therefore legally defensible). One of the best ways to truly own and protect your name is to pick something distinguishable not just within your business category, but around the globe. It’ll streamline the trademarking process and give you ample ground for legal action if someone tries to encroach on your name in the future.

Define Your Meaning
Because a coined name has no imminent meaning, your marketing will have to do a bit of extra lifting at the outset. But see this as an opportunity instead of a drawback. Oftentimes your target audience might have an existing association with a keyword – anything from another business to a deceased family pet to a word they just don’t particularly like. When using an invented name, you get to define what it stands for, free of any connotations.

(Not) Lost in Translation
Another benefit to an invented name is the fact it isn’t tied to any one language. This means you don’t need to worry about accidentally offending someone from a different culture (A good example? A denim brand with the word ‘pants’ in their name might get laughed at in Britain). You also aren’t relying on clever wordplay or puns to get your branding across that might be lost on cultures where English isn’t the first language.

Invented names often have a sharp, contemporary sound to them – in large part because they’re a relatively new invention! In fact, it’s largely with the dawn of the digital age that invented names have become particularly embraced – the rate of innovation in fields like pharmaceuticals and technology is so fast, it’s becoming increasingly tricky to find a keyword-based brand name that is easy to acquire and ‘own’. Ride this massive trend wave – invented names are not only acceptable, but favored as a way to sound ‘in touch’.

If you think an invented name might be harder to remember, think again. For example, if you’ve heard about one rideshare service with the word ‘ride’ or ‘car’ or ‘drive’ in it, you’ve heard them all. But if a new upstart popped up with the name Tavada or Ovapi? Suddenly you’ve got a standout name that defies the expected sound or keywords for that category.

If you feel really strongly about a keyword but just can’t get past legal or TLD barriers, invented names are a neat way to sidestep those challenges. Many invented business names are inspired by a keyword while still standing apart. Names like Dosala, Zodiam, and Advantrex, for example, are analogous to Dose, Zodiac, and Advantage.

Give Off a Vibe
Invented or coined brand names can still evoke plenty of feelings and moods that align with your product’s function – from feminine to burly to sensual to professional. As an example, a name like Decopas has a classical, regal sound, while a name like a name like Zelqo has an energized, spry sound. As a tip, when considering coined names, take a break for a day or two after narrowing down some favorites. Some names will naturally stick in your head because of their vibe or singsong quality. That’s probably the standout invented name that’ll work for you – and your customers.


Interested in picking an invented name for your brand or product? Your next question might be, “Where do I start?” It’s a fair one. After all, you have an infinite number of possibilities to choose from! But if you want to get inspired, check out BrandBucket’s gallery of invented brand names for thousands of brandable, distinctive names you can genuinely take ownership of.