The Science Of Memory And Naming Your Company

naming your company

Names help us recognize and remember people or things. That’s why when naming your company, you should include scientifically proven characteristics that help others recall your name easily. Memorability is an important factor when building a brand, and your name should help you achieve this.

There are essentially 3 crucial components when it comes to memory. The first is encoding, the second is storage and the third is retrieval, which is basically when you recall something from your past experience or knowledge. Encoding occurs via the 5 senses of our body: hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste. The first two are particularly imperative when it comes to naming a brand.

So here’s one of the most vital questions to ask yourself when naming your company: how can you make sure that your business name has that extra factor which makes it more memorable to the people?

  1. Go with the flow

There’s a reason why we can remember rhymes so easily as children instead of paragraphs of tedious texts. Our memory tends to easily pick up and retain words with semantic flow or rhythms. This is why names with rhyming pairs tend to be most memorable with the help of alliterations.

  1. Consider the context

It’s important to keep the contextual meaning of the words in mind as well when looking for names for your business. Your selected name should relate to the industry of your business and don’t restrict yourself to considering the immediate meaning of words but also their contextual meaning.

  1. Listen to the sounds

Names do better at being unforgettable when they not only look good but also sounds better. You will find that people tend to recall names that are the easiest to pronounce and the ones that even sound amazing to the ears. This is because names which involve both sight and hearing in a pleasant way are able to be retained by the memory more effectively.

  1. Look at the letters

Since your business name will be seen in the written form just as much, if not more, as in the verbal form, you need to have a good look at the letters used as well as their placing. Make sure the name looks appealing visually as well, for instance, in the form of a logo on any platform, be it online of offline.

  1. Scrabble it up

If you have been playing scrabble and wondering if it’s ever going to come to any help at this point of your life, then here’s the answer: yes. It can help you with the naming process too. Remember the letters with high point values in scrabble such as J, K, Q, V, W, X, Y and Z? Names that have these letters tend to be more easily recalled as they are usually not commonly used in the English language which makes them more unique and thus, easily retained by the brain.

  1. Think about tangibility

It’s easier to remember names which tend to include the factor of tangibility. This is because more physical words tend to create a particular image in the minds of people, helping to attach those names with the relevant pictures in the memory. So if a name consists of a tangible item it is embedded in minds quite easier.

Of course it’s not always going to be possible to incorporate all of the above when naming your business but the more you can make use of, the better. When you keep them in mind while going through the naming process, it will help you gauge its effectiveness when heard or seen. A good exercise is to pick a few names with these characteristics pick, present them to others and after a few days, ask them which names they are still able to recall. The one that gets remembered the most gets the highest rating.

Got any other tips to share with us and others? Let us know in the comments.