The Marriage of Two Powerful Brands: Fixed and Lawgix

Powerful Brands

This past month something remarkable happened.  Two powerful brands got married.  They merged their futures in a moment of euphoric corporate bliss when Fixed was acquired by Lawgix for an undisclosed sum.  So what got these two unlikely start-ups together?

Getting Fixed Up

The story begins with Fixed. Founded in San Francisco in 2013, it was the brainchild of CEO, David Hegarty.  The company provided an alternative to what Hegarty called a “government run racket” that used parking tickets to extract cash from unassuming citizens.

Fixed’s business model was conceived when Hegarty received two parking tickets while inside a courthouse contesting a traffic violation.  Inspired by his misfortune he created an app that automated the process of fighting a ticket.  His concept was quickly embraced by investors and received venture capital from Stucture, Y Combinator and Slow Ventures.  In addition, Hegerty appeared on the TV show, Shark Tank, and received additional funding from serial entrepreneur, Mark Cuban. The company grew rapidly and expanded into multiple states. Then the paper hit the fan.

Unforeseen Obstacles

Local governments rely on traffic fines for revenue and they didn’t care for a company that assisted citizens in avoiding them. This limited Fixed’s success rate to around 20 to 30 percent. Then it got worse.  Fixed was blocked from government websites in three of their largest urban markets. They pivoted quickly and began connecting customers with traffic violation attorneys at reduced rates.  But this new service created additional complications in the form of complaints from the California Bar Association.

Perfect Timing

Enter the technology law firm Lawgix and love was on the wing. Lawgix had already developed backend technology for its litigation services and the addition of Fixed’s customer base on their front end was a perfect match.  A seemingly fortuitous but untraditional marriage of both consumer technology and law.

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