The King of Domains

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In days gone by Elvis, Michael and Bud were the kings of rock, pop and beer. But there’s one king that still reigns supreme.  He wears no costume and he can’t be bottled.  But he is the modern day king of domain names and they call him: Dot-Com.


It wasn’t always this way. Dot-com names were not an overnight success.   The first one registered was in March 1985.  One of only five, new dot-com domains that year. You see there were other domain extensions like dot-net, dot-gov and dot-org and they were giving dot-com stiff competition. It wasn’t until 1995 that dot-com (which is short for ‘commercial’) became the King of Domains in what was called the Dot-Com Era.

In recent years numerous new domain extensions have emerged. However it doesn’t appear that any of these young upstarts will be taking the crown from the King of Domains anytime soon.  With one dot-com domain being registered every second the King seems to be secure in his throne. In fact, there were more dot-com registrations last year than all of the new domain extensions combined.


If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re looking for a brand and corresponding domain name it would appear that the most likely path to success would be in the footsteps of the great companies before you.  One domain industry expert put it like this:

“[As of August 2015] 100% of the top 20 YC companies by valuation have the dot-com of their name. 94% of the top 50 do.” – Paul Graham, Co-Founder Y Combinator

A second industry expert seems to concur:

“Eventually you need to get the dot-com version of your name. Ironically, the more gTLDs they create, the more valuable the dot-coms become. It’s like a bunch of cities popping up around Manhattan: as they go up in value, the city in the center goes supernova.” – Jason Calacanis, Co-Founder Weblogs Inc., angel investor in Tumblr, Evernote and Uber.

It appears that dot-com is by far and away the most widely used and the most recommended domain extension.  It’s the default extension for almost all consumers.  So stay with the trend and go with the King of domains: dot-com!

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  1. Yes .com is truly the king of domains.