Simple Tips To Naming A Company

naming a company

We’re always adding tips on naming a company, and with so many specific you should keep in mind, we decided to summarize the top factors we feel you should look out for when naming a company.

    1. Combos – If you can’t come up with a one-word name, you can always opt for combinations of words. But be careful when using combos as it’s pretty easy to go overboard. Limit your combos to only 2 or 3 syllables at the most, so that your company name is easier to pronounce and remember.
    2. Unique – With so many successful companies out there with superb names and so few options available to you as names, you may be tempted to copy a company’s name or get a name very similar. Believe it or not, a lot of other people have the same misconception and hence, end up seeing their company fail, all because of a copied name. Being unique is part of winning the naming game.
    3. Nouns – When selecting names, try to pick the ones that are nouns. Why? So that their use can be made into a verb or noun in the future. Yes, thinking about the future is important when you’re in the very first phase of company naming. Hence, keep in mind the use of nouns as names which will allow the spreading of word of mouth to become a whole lot faster and easier.
    4. Phone friendly – Yes, your company name must be phone friendly. Imagine a person is referring your company to someone else on the phone. If you use a complicated name with too many spelling variations, then the second person might end up typing in the wrong name with the wrong spelling. Imagine the magnitude of such an action if the incorrectly typed-in name belongs to your competitor or an inappropriate adult site.
    5. Simplicity – Simple is good. Period. No matter how much you want to make the name mysterious and unique by lengthening or complicating it, avoid the urge to do so. Keep it simple and relevant to the essence of your business. In other words, the name should be able to simply describe what your business is all about.
    6. Sounds – Make sure your name sounds easy to your target customers, especially if you’re opting for an international name. If it only sounds easy to you, you have got a problem on your hand. For this, you have to actually go to some of your potential customers with your selected names, and get their feedback and opinions about them to help you with your naming.

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