Scheduling Software Plus Appointment Widget Equals Setster

Scheduling Software

In today’s busy world a huge chunk of your already occupied time must be set aside and dedicated making sure all of your ducks are in a row. This organizing, scheduling, and managing can add up take more time than you may have or want to give. Instead of running around like a chicken with your head cut off, scrambling to get all your ducks lined up in an orderly, timely manor, allow Setster to simplify and set everything into place, it takes less than 10 minutes from the time you sign up to the time customers can be setting their own appointments with you on your website. Setster is a simple intuitive scheduling software.

Setster is a great tool on both ends of the appointment, it allows you to manage your schedule efficiently and visually and gives your customers the pleasure of setting appointments on their own time and working around their very own busy schedule. The website is very clear and has a great video to introduce you to the product. Setster has taken the task of scheduling and transformed it into a visually pleasing and simple experience. With one click you can select the date and time you would like to schedule the appointment. It is a great product for everyone who has to manage appointments, anyone like busy CEO, dog walker, therapist, hairstylist, photographer, or doctor. Setster allows you to maximize business and minimize the amount of time and effort doing it, and with a widget that can be placed anywhere it allows you to be contacted and have appointments booked without you having to be present. Setster says it best “turn traffic into confirmed appointments”.

You can access from anywhere, your work computer, friends computer, or a mobile device giving you ultimate flexibility of not just booking appointments but checking them as well! In the Setster confirmation e-mails you also receive an ics file that can integrate into outlook, ical, or google calender which keeps appointment requests and your existing schedule in sync with the calender of your choice. Setster lets you adjust to your specific needs and availability – time zone, business hours and details, cancellation policy, availability, and more for your clients to see. This creates a planner that does the organization for you while still leaving you the ultimate power of controlling your schedule. The perfect blend

These aspects of together make an extremely intuitive interface that makes life much more simple. BrandBucket has high expectations for, we come from the same incubator (Boxador) so we definitely feel a bit extra love for Setster and we highly recommend it to anyone and everyone managing their own schedule. Setster is a powerful brand in the making, helping to evolve the day planner of the future.