Playful Web 2.0 Domain Names Mean Big Business

Web 2.0 Domain Names

The internet is big. Really, really big, and it extends way beyond simple informational websites. It is a research engine, application platform, journaling product, documentation resource, media distributor, social network, and more (the list is endless). Many clients come to BrandBucket when they are starting an internet business. They are in need of a memorable and brandable name, but almost more importantly for an internet startup the name needs to be up with the times, and be fresh, modern, and new.

Web 2.0 is hard to define, but you know a web 2.0 name when you hear it. There is something fresh, playful, short, creative, youthful, and fun about it. This next generation of web entrepreneurs want to show that their products and ideas are more creative and outside-the-box than the products of the first internet bubble that gave us sites like etrade and We’re also in the midst of a rebranding craze; everyone is working overtime to create a name that is short yet playful, fresh, and unique. We’ve seen SciFi change to SyFy, Pizza Hut to The Hut, and Live Search to Bing. Names like Flickr, Tumblr, and Twitter are flying out of everyone’s mouths (and fingertips). They are catchy, memorable, often have flair or lack some unnecessary vowels. These modern names make names like Facebook and LiveJournal seem generic and outdated.

BrandBucket seeks out these fresh new web 2.0 names. They are playful, creative, and easy to remember. Names like follow the similar web 2.0 trend that Flickr does — nothing changes with the pronunciation of the word but it looses the unnecessary vowel making the name youthful and fun. In contrast, we often add a short suffix to a keyword that doesn’t change the meaning. These roll nicely at the end of the word to add a playful flair — is one of those names, and it is excellent for a social networking website.

Web 2.0 names like these are what the internet is buzzing about. The internet is developing a playful language all its own. Businesses no longer need bricks and mortar to build from the ground up. Your web 2.0 business can start with a good strong foundation of an excellent domain name and grow from there. Visit BrandBucket’s list of web 2.0 domain names to begin your search!