Brilliance of Eataly

The Brilliance of Eataly

What makes a brand memorable is more than just the experience, but the encompassing name and the overall brand. Eataly is a great example of branding done right.

funded company names

Funded Company Names #3

The following startups recently got funded, but what makes them even more interesting is their awesome names. Let’s take a look and these cool funded company names.

Intellectual Property Landmines

Safeguarding Your Brand? Avoid Intellectual Property Landmines

How to make sure to safeguard your brand and avoid Intellectual Property Landmines that may lead you to getting entangled in legal troubles.

funded company names

Funded Company Names #2

Post 2 of our round-up on recently funded companies with great names that encompass their branding strategy.


BrandBucket Has A New Managing Director

We’re excited to announce the appointment of Michael Krell as Managing Director at BrandBucket. Read on to meet Michael and see whats in store for BrandBucket.

business and brand

The Difference between a Business and Brand

Can you tell the difference between a business and brand? What makes a brand a business and how can they be differentiated?

Brainstorming Company Names

5 Tools for Brainstorming Company Names

Brainstorming company names with these simple online tool can help you invent the name of your company with ease!

company names

Funded Company Names #1

Real examples of recently funded companies with great company names that encompass their branding strategy and helped them succeed.

naming your company

The Science Of Memory And Naming Your Company

Utilizing the science of memory when naming your company can help you lock in the most important factor of a good brand name: memorability.

Brand Name

Elements of a Memorable Brand Name

Like memories in general, memorable brand names have much to do with feelings and senses. Learn how this can help you find a memorable company name.