Company Rebranding

Company Rebranding of Envato

Envato came to BrandBucket in 2008, looking for a new name. Read on to see how a company managed to rebrand and build upon its product base so successfully.

Brands Are People Too

Brands Are People Too

Names often make great brands and domain names primarily because they’re short and easy for consumers to remember and spell. Will your name work?

Great Domain Name

Eight Reasons Your Startup Deserves a Great Domain Name

Wondering if the name is worth the trouble? Here are 8 reasons to spend your time and money on a great domain name for your startup.

how to choose a business name

How to Choose a Business Name, Part 10: Real Words and Expressions

Using real words and common expressions in business naming. How to choose a business name that others already relate to.

domain name

Avoid These Basic Branding Blunders

The domain consulting firm, NameNinja, reports that 78% of startups have flawed domain names. Is your startup at risk?

Marketing Tools for Startup

9 Insanely Useful Marketing Tools for Startup Founders (And Marketers)

These 9 affordable tools can kick-start your early stage marketing efforts and help you elevate your business.

how to choose a business name

How to Choose a Business Name, Part 9: Spelling

Are you sure the name you’re about to choose for your new business is easy to spell? You should be as spelling is a major factor in making sure your brand can survive.

funded company names

Funded Company Names #5

When a name is cool and the brand succeeds in funding we feel they simply nailed it. Here’s another round of funded company names that we feel rocked it!

brand name

Slack: A Brand Name That Results In Anything But

Slack – a brand name with multiple meanings that provokes thought, but perfect for a collaboration tool that allows you to work smarter not harder!

Making a Naming Decision

Making a Naming Decision

Indecision is a place of temporary weakness, so making a naming decision that is both smart and fast is key to accelerating your startup.