Networks – Business Branding

Business Branding

There are numerous websites designed for networking and they all serve a specific purpose. The most common type is the social network but some are designed specifically for business networking, a great tool for building a professional brand. People are using the internet to connect to businesses and get to know the people behind the business name. These business networks connect you with your industry and link to the individuals in in it.

Regardless if you are self employed or an employee, business networking gives your startup, personal brand, or business a personal image and a brand identity. Many business startups and internet companies have few employees making it easy for them all to network. Each employee has their own strengths and personality and one employee can make that right connection to advance your business.

Keeping up with other people’s businesses and access to a person’s business happenings allows you to find the right opportunity to work together. The most popular business network is but another like it is Many of these networks send weekly email updates to your contacts about who is being active on the network, so you will be included in those updates if you participate often. You can post status updates (like Twitter), but also join groups, give advice, and write recommendations for your colleagues. Activity on these networks shows an active business — a great image to have behind your brand. The individual entrepreneur or creative working on building his brand can use his profile as a free advertisement for his work. Having your businesses information, employees’ resumes, and portfolios on the internet at all times is a great way to showcase why your business is best to work with.

Your profile becomes a part of your brand but who you network with also influences your brand identity. Fellow professionals you are connected to are a type of testimonial or referral for your business. When there are a ton of credible people linking and networking with you it makes others pay more attention. The people you connect to professionally are a part of your brand so be selective and make the effort to connect to all your clients and business partners, they are your hook into more business from the same and neighboring industries.

It is important to join these networks once you have picked your business name or brandable domain name so that you can utilize the free advertising as a startup. Leave many ways to be contacted on your profile — an email address, links to your domain name, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, and any other links you may have so people can get in touch in whatever way is most convenient for them. Use a business network to post updates about your work, and you can trust that these updates are going to a more professional community than you may find in blogs or on Twitter. There is a lot to do when building a brand, and putting your foot in every door/network available is a brand strategy that will give your business the most exposure and the most personality, creating a dynamic business brand.