Latin Domain Names Stand the Test of Time

Latin Domain Names

The internet is only expanding. Creating new unique businesses on the web is getting more challenging. Startups are forced to get creative with their naming. How do you come up with a name that is memorable and doesn’t limit future expansion? Get inspiration from the past — look to Latin domain names.

BrandBucket creates unique names for businesses and products of all kinds. To come up with these brandable names we often start with the basics: Latin. Many languages are Latin based and using a Latin word gives the name an instinctive relationship to a multitude of languages, and an understanding without defining or limiting your business. Latin provides an immediate firm and respectable feel regardless what language the customer speaks.

These Latin names often have a much more serious tone than the fun web 2.0 names also found on BrandBucket (see our post Playful Web 2.0 Domain Names Mean Big Business). The solid Latin foundation makes these names great for brick-and-mortar based businesses that are expanding to the web. The name endiem at a glance is short and memorable with a tone of finality; it literally means “end of the day” or “in a day”, and contains the recognizeable Latin word “diem” which makes the name brandable in a worldwide market. BrandBucket also uses Latin roots to create new words for a business; noctivia uses the root “noct” which represents “night” and we add a little flair at the end to make the name memorable.

We avoid using traditional keywords for the sake that although they seem helpful, they are in fact limiting. For example, the name Music Marketplace seems simple, clever, and assures your customers will know what to expect. Defining your business with the name seems smart for a startup, but once the business is ready to expand it shouldn’t be limited by its name. If the Music Marketplace wanted to offer more than just music the name wouldn’t fit anymore. Look at RadioShack for example; now that the radio has been replaced by Pandora and an iPod, their customers have stopped using the word “radio” and they are nearly forced to rebrand and adopt the nickname “The Shack”. A non-keyword name with Latin roots that describe the jist of the business is the perfect solution to this potential branding blunder.

Browse through Latin domain names on BrandBucket. We have a large list of names that have Latin roots, Latin-sounding roots, and Latin words. All of them make excellent names that can be used anywhere in the world and that will stand the test of time.