Knowledge Is Your Brand – Part 3: Newsletters and eBooks

building brands with content

Knowledge comes in all shapes and sizes, and the ways you distribute this knowledge targets an individual group of people. Though the internet is now a major part of daily business and daily blogging is becoming more important, you have to remember the classic and conventional ways of building brands. Building brands with content like newsletters, ebooks, and white papers give a serious and professional tone to the information you’re presenting and will attract a more “old school” clientele.

At this point in building your brand you have chosen a domain name, created a brand image, established a website, and have started knowledge marketing – educating both new and old clients on what exactly this business name, logo, and website is all about and how they add to your overall brand. The lighter ways of knowledge marketing like blogging and micro-blogging gain an audience and gives initial understanding of your brand identity. This next level of knowledge marketing is for taking the surfers your blog has captured and turning them to clients — a more focused brand strategy.

Newsletters become a regular reminder in your customers’ email inbox, making it so they don’t have to remember to check their rss feed or your website to get the knowledge that gives you high brand equity. It is recommended to write as much as you can in advance. As with all of your knowledge thus far, consistency is important to give the sense of reliability to clients which leads to brand loyalty. Newsletters are less time sensitive than micro-blogging so you can write them far in advance. This gives you some freedom when you get busy with your business and don’t have as much time to write.

You can also create a “drip” campaign of newsletters ahead of time, that have content unrelated to the time of year. For these, no matter when someone from your website first signs up, they will get the first article and then the second one a certain amount of time later, and then the whole series. There are excellent services for making sure that each person to sign up for your newsletter gets the right newsletters in the right order, for example

Writing an ebook or white paper is a lot of work but has many benefits for solidifying your brand identity. Being able to print out and physically hold a document full of information is that necessary tangibility that an online business needs to connect with the people who may not be as internet-saavy, or that prefer researching after the computer is turned off. Like a newsletter, an ebook can serve to gather client information because you can ask people to register with your website to download the document. A large ebook won’t appeal to many uncommitted surfers that just want to read your blog, but the heavier form of brand communications is for holding onto clients rather than the passerbys.

These larger documents can include similar information that has been touched on in your blogging, but this is the opportunity to dive into a deeper explanation than online communication traditionally provides. Include information that does not expire because these fundamental ideas and knowledge is what forms the foundation and path to high a brand equity for your business startup. Many people choose to charge for this more extensive knowledge but a thick packet of information adds priceless credibility to your brand.

There are numerous branding strategies but knowledge marketing is vital to creating a business brand that is not only unique, well designed, and interesting but also intelligent, influential, and entertaining. Writing helps give your business depth and personality but most importantly it builds trust. Educate, inform, entertain, and make your business accessible to become an established brand name because your knowledge is your brand.