It’s a Brand New World for Home Tech Startups

Tech Startups

Imagine waking up as hot coffee brews automatically in your kitchen. As you enter the bathroom the shower head emits water at just the temperature you like. As you leave the house your door locks automatically and resets the heat and utilities for maximum efficiency. Your driverless car, which self-started several minutes before, is cool and serene despite the intense heat and humidity.

While this may seem a bit dreamy it’s only a small peek into the way technology and the Internet of Things is going to penetrate and revolutionize our home life in the next decade. Already, 100 million wearable devices are in circulation and Google’s self-driving cars log more than 10,000 miles per week. The future is today and here are some of the tech startups that are bringing it to your door.

ZenThermostats makes visually pleasing, temperature control devices that install via magnets and can be adjusted from anywhere outside or inside the home using your smart phone. They’re intuitive and efficient interface is designed to give the homeowner full peace of mind. As such their product and company are aptly named ZenThermostats and can be found at the corresponding dot-com address.

EcoVent is a Massachusetts based company offering products that customize the air temperature from room to room. Their wireless, automated vent controlling system maintains the desired temperature in every part of your home. This avoids wasting energy to warm or cool rooms that are underutilized at certain times of day or night. Hence their appropriately named and descriptive brand: EcoVent.

Cliqk expands on this theme and offers customized assessment and installation of smart devices to maximize your home’s lighting for full convenience and energy efficiency. Their company name and matching dot-com domain are a playful hack of the word click. Their brand indicates a strong association with home lighting applications while also giving a powerful flavor of quickness and convenience.

Nest features smart security cameras that connect to your smartphone. They’re designed to help keep your home safe and secure. They also connect to propriety lighting, thermostat and window shade systems for further security and energy efficiency. Their brand and matching dot-com web address are a perfectly succinct representation of every homeowner’s desire. A safe, warm, comfortable and secure residential abode.

SmartThings takes home tech a step further by providing an Internet hub that connects and coordinates multiple smart devices in the home. They provide a free smartphone app that gives notifications about activities in your home and allows you to control all your smart devices according to your personal preferences. The company created their brand by combining the lesser known expression, Internet of Things, with the ubiquitous tech adjective, smart. This combination provides an accessible representation of their broad array of services outlined on their matching dot-com website.

Our needs and habits change according to our daily, weekly and seasonal schedules. Home tech responds to those needs and creates a smart environment that automatically reacts to our individual needs and habits in real time.

Some predict that, within ten years, eighty billion devices will be connected to the Internet and will grow at a rate of 152,000 units per minute. This poses immense opportunities for new commerce and new startup ventures. With the right brand, domain name and business plan you could be poised to have a tasty slice of this rather large, financial pie!