Inuvo Stretches Their Brand New Legs

brandable name

When customers select a brandable name from BrandBucket we are always curious what will become of it, and excited to see how it grows into a well-developed brand once it leaves our hands. is one of BrandBucket’s domain names that has been adopted and developed into a very clean, beautiful, and functional website. has become The Inuvo Platform. Inuvo, formerly Kowabunga, Inc, is an advertising technology company with a more conversational aspect for advertisers and publishers. The company operates two businesses segments, a Direct Marketing business and an Advertising Exchange business. Inuvo provides advertisers the opportunity to take control of campaigns to the level that they choose and provides web publishers access to thousands of high-quality advertising offers that they can manage and receive payment for all in one place.

The home page has a featured video on how to use and each page has plenty of descriptive text to make the website very self explanatory. The service is broken down into Advertisers, Publishers, and Community. The Community section consists of Support, Blogs, Forums, and News; this is the conversational aspect of Inuvo, which allows advertisers to have real conversations, discuss, and share with each other.

What pleases me more than the clean and vibrant colors, the easy to use interface, and the creative conversational aspect to an advertising technology company is that nearly every page (and most of the FAQ) includes plans for the future since the service is currently in beta. These include advertiser ratings, data feed, frequent payment options, applications for order abandonment recovery, mobile stats, fraud validation and much more. I love to see a company that has plans to continually expand and improve. BrandBucket is proud to see what was once just a name grow to become The Inuvo Platform and we are eager to see to what great heights they will climb to.