How to Pick a Good Domain Name for Your Website

domain name for your website

Your website name is the first impression that you are putting in front of your potential customers. In the online world cluttered with innumerable websites competing intensely for the attention of those same people, having unique domain names becomes increasingly challenging. However due to the significance of possessing good website names, you cannot risk to be left out from the competition by being merely careless when naming your domain, especially if you’re not able to register your own company name as your domain. To help you out, we’ve put together some tips on picking a domain name for your website.

1. Meaning
The first most important thing to do is understand what a domain name is. A domain name is not your company name (but can be). It is not your website name (but can be). In lament terms the domain name is your web address. Usually this is found as

2. Association
Next you need to know to associate between the domain name and your site. It’s definitely preferred to select such a domain name that is identical or closely similar to the name of the website or company. So if your blog is names for example is “Claire’s Daily Diary” selecting your domain name as is recommended.

3. Too fancy
Do not get diverted in trying to be too fancy with domain names. It is always better to stick with simplicity. Too long or complicated names tend to confuse customers or visitors – not something that you would want to end up doing. This is why you should avoid the use of acronyms, dashes and other such symbols. Shorter and simpler domain names help people to remember and recall them and thus, tend to be more effective and successful.

4. Customers
You should always keep your potential customers or visitors at the center of all the planning. Think about them, their tastes, preferences and behaviors before deciding on the domain name. This means you should not be focusing particularly on what you like when naming your domain but rather what your customers or clients would remember and associate with you.

5. Back-ups
Yes, even when it comes to domain names, you should get yourself some back-ups just to be extra safe. When you are generating domain names, do not just stick to one but make sure you have a basket of at least a few good unique domain names. When you move to the step of registering your domain name, there is a high chance of you facing the fact that your favorite selected domain name has probably been registered by someone else already. So when this happens, you can move on to the next best name you have in your basket.

6. Short
Although you can go for extremely short or long domain names, it’s best to go for the shorter ones. Shorter names are easier and more convenient to be remembered and typed in without any error. One of the strongest marketing tools today is word of mouth and longer names are not remembered as easily. Hence go for short simpler ones that people will be easily able to remember and repeat to others.

7. Alternatives
You have to think about all the possible alternatives before deciding on a particular domain name. People usually have to go to your site by typing the entire name unless they have it bookmarked or they click on your site link from another website. You have to realize that a lot of people can type in the wrong spellings unintentionally. This is why it is always better to go for simpler names with easier spellings that people normally won’t make a mistake with.

8. Offers
Your website domain name does not necessarily have to be the name of your business but can instead be something which your business offers to the customers or clients. One of the crucial things to remember here is that it is possible for you to own a number of domain names that can all point to one single domain, making it easier for your target customers to find your site.

9. Hyphens
When you realize that it is harder to find available single word domain names than it is to find a needle in a haystack, hyphens can become your savior. The advantages are more than one: hyphens help to split multiple words in a name, so that people have lower chance of misspelling it, and also search engines can identify each of the separated words in the domain name as individual key words. However hyphens also tend to lengthen your domain name and make it easier to forget!

10. Trademarks
This is perhaps the most important issue to keep in mind if you do not want to end up being entangled in law suits. Make sure you do not register domain names before doing a trademark check.

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Image by: Lefteris Heretakis