How To Make Your Brand’s Facebook Page Stand Out

branding a facebook page

Though the ultimate goal is to SELL to potential clients, the first function of your businesses’ Facebook page should be to ENGAGE people. In order to properly engage with your fans, you must know how to appeal to them. Here are a few tips on how to get someone to visit your Brand’s page, and keep them on it.

Grab Their Attention

A person’s attention is incredibly hard to grab these days. You really have to work hard to gain it. You have to pull people in immediately. To make this kind of immediate impression, you need to have a focus of vision that is easily identifiable on your Facebook page. Write of list of five key words that you feel are instrumental to your brand. Utilize these words often so that when people see your page for the first time, they immediately have an idea of what your page is about. You may only get a few seconds, so make them count.

Set a Tone

This comes back to the human connection. Though your communicating through a machine, your communicating with real me people, who have real emotions and feelings. Describe in three sentences how you want your customers to feel when they visit your page, and you’d like them to communicate that message to their friends. This will help you immensely in making even the most subtle choices when trying to define your tone.

Be Unique

Just as your communicating with real people, the people behind your brand are people too. People with likes, hobbies, passions, and pet peeves. So show your colors. This will give your brand a more round character, a more relatable persona. Bring your personalities into every post, like, and comment you do. People will actually begin to like your brand. Just as in all thing though, moderation is key. Don’t bring out your personality out so much that you offend people. You just want to get the point across that you too are human, not a robot. With all these tips, you are really just trying to establish a base from which to communicate with your fans and customers, and to potentially attract new customers.