How 10 Big Companies Got Their Names

Got Their Names

There a lot of companies in the world with really freaky or creative names and whenever people hear them they just go and wonder how did they think of that? To help solve the mystery behind many of cool brands we admire, we’re continuing our series of “How they got their name” in showcasing another 10 awesome brands and the story behind their name.

  1. 7-11

Originally, this company was known as U-Tote’m. However, when the government implemented a new rule of shops being allowed to stay open from only 7 am till 11 pm, they changed their name to 7-11 as a symbol of being available for as long as they were allowed.

  1.  Adidas

This name has a lot of controversy surrounding it, with people coming up with acronyms such as “all day I dream about sports” and a few that are a lot more colorful But the real story is that the company was named after the founder’s nickname – Adolf Adi Dassler. His brother – Rudolf Rudi Dassler came up with his own shoe brand which he went on to name Ruda; this was renamed later into the world famous Puma.

  1. Atari

One of the oldest gaming console manufacturers, this name was cleverly taken from a game called Go. Atari is the Japanese word which was uttered when the player was in a position to potentially capture his opponent’s pieces, much like how we say “check” in chess.

  1. CVS

CVS which is popularly known for their pharmacies, originally was an acronym for Consumer Value Stores and was then shortened to CVS in the year 1996. However, the CEO of CVS Tom Ryan now claims that the acronym does not mean what it used to. It now stands for Customer, Value and Service which is their motto and their main area of focus in their business.

  1. Coca-Cola

This is probably the most well known brand in the world, whose name is uttered a thousand times daily and seen throughout the globe. Many people are curious as to where they got their name from, and the answer is that the company was named after two of the drink’s original flavoring components – coca leaves and kola nuts.

  1. EBay

The world renowned online market place, eBay has a very simple yet memorable name and has become very successful in many countries around the world. Originally, the company is a part of the Echo Bay Technology Group. However when they tried to register their domain name, they went to find that the name was already in use by a mining organization which was based in Nevada in a place called Echo Bay.

  1. Nintendo

Another Japanese gaming console manufacturer, one can already assume that their name comes from a Japanese word when translated will make sense; and that it does! The company got their name from the Japanese name Nintendou. When the name is broken up, Nin is translated to “entrusted” while ten-dou is translated to “heaven”. This makes a lot of sense as many people use video games as an escape from the pains of reality to their little slice of heaven.

  1. SEGA

Another game console manufacturer but one that is long gone! The name came from a shortened version of the original company name which was called Service Games. The company’s original function was to import pinball machines for the American soldiers who were stationed in Japan.

  1. Sony

An electronics manufacturer recognized all around the world, this was Sony’s original intention for choosing the name – as it is a word that can be easily pronounced in many different languages. As to where the name came from, Sony is a translation of the Latin word Sonus which simply means “sound”. This is very clever as many of their manufactured products incorporate the use of audio such as TVs and music players.

  1. Virgin

Companies under the umbrella of Virgin such as Virgin records or Virgin airlines have their name from a friend of the company’s founder Richard Branson. The name was suggested to them in the form of an insult when the friend claimed that the founder was a complete virgin when it comes to business.

And that is basically how all the companies listed got their names… But we’d like to hear about your own company name.. What’s the store behind your name?

  • Fat City Properties

    Fantastic article Margot! When you say the Coca-Cola name is uttered thousands of times a day I would venture to guess it’s quite a bit more as there are 1.7 billion Coca-Cola trademarked/licensed drinks sold each day. 😉