High-Tech Wearables, Smart Home Sensors and Innovative Gadgets

cool brand names

We all know about the most well-known cool brand names who’ve made it big in software (Stripe, Gusto), on demand (Uber, Sprig) and social media (HubSpot, SnapChat) sectors. But what about the exciting innovations produced by the information technology, hardware industry?   They also have their fair share of breakthroughs and excitement.   I’m talking about the bright, creative entrepreneurs that are creating wearables, sensors and other handy gadgets that make our lives easier and more efficient.

Creating anew

BloomLife is a new venture that makes wearable devices for pregnant women. It monitors pelvic contractions during the weeks leading up to the birth of their child.  The company says it plans to add more data tracking features over time and their goal is to aid women in understanding the unique bio signals that occur during the final trimester of the pregnancy cycle.

The company’s device is small pod worn on the tummy which sends data and information to a connected smartphone. Their brand handily combines the words life and bloom.  This creates a memorable, feminine flavored, image of a new life unfolding like a springtime flower.  It’s a charming and alluring brand for those about to witness the miracle of human birth.

Transforming the home

Knocki is a smart-home device that transforms a flat surface into a functional control for standard residential functions and appliances.  It connects to a smartphone app and can control the power for things like lights, alarm clocks, televisions, thermostats and stereos.  It allows users to control functions by simply knocking on the table or wall where the tiny portable, unit is easily affixed.

Their brand and exact match dot-com domain are a creative hack of the word knock.  Coming in at 6 letters and two syllables, the company brand is sleek, evocative and efficient.  It’s playful and informative tone gives customers instant  insight into the product’s design and how it’s used.

Picture perfect

Another up and coming hardware company is ShapeScale. Their device is a connected “smart scale” that takes a three dimensional picture of the owner’s body and reports on any recent changes in weight, muscle mass and definition.  It includes a linked smartphone app that highlights areas of successful progress and alerts the user to areas needing further attention.

The company brand consists of a two-word, exact match dot-com domain and aptly describes the product’s purpose. The brand is sleek and simple, consisting of only two syllables and 10 letters.  Furthermore the alliteration of the “S” sound in the name makes it both memorable and a good candidate for viral marketing.

Flexible security

Another exciting new piece of home hardware is the August Smart Lock.  This smartphone connected device allows users to remotely control their residential door locks.  The system allows homeowners to create unique customized entry codes for family members, home repairs, cleaners and deliveries.  They can also speak to unexpected visitors via smartphone notifications and give customized, on the spot, access as needed.

The company brand is based on the word August, which aside from being a calendar month also means “respected and impressive.”  The company hosts its website on the premium quality domain name, August.com.  Not only is their brand concise and intriguing but it’s also eminently memorable as it’s easily spelled and takes advantage of its existing “mind share” in the American adult brain.

While some people think of tech gadgets as a category of mundane single-purpose devices they’re much more than that. These tech startups are creating innovative improvements and unique applications for a wide range of technologies including 3D scanning, wearables, sensors, cameras and enhanced communication. These kinds of technological improvements provide practical channels for more secure, healthier and efficient living as we leverage our access to connected devices and mobile computing.



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