A Global Approach to Business Naming

Business Naming

Photo taken NASA March 10, 2010

In business naming it is good to know where your marketing efforts are geared towards, but it is crucial to leave your business the opportunity to expand. Choosing a keyword domain is great if your business functions only in one region but if you do any work online where the world has access to your business you need to have a catchy brand name to be said in several languages rather than a keyword description in just one language.

Use Latin and roots and word parts to create names with more international freedom. Follow linguistic patterns familiar to your target audience so it is easy to say for speakers of English, Spanish, Japanese, and other common languages. There are familiar prefixes and suffixes that will give your business the implied meaning while not narrowing your options. For example, “ex” means “out” as seen in words like exit and external so exabo.com implies something outside for English speakers but it is also easy to say for speakers of Chinese or German. This doesn’t only target English speakers because the unique word becomes a brand name rather than just description of your business.

Start ups often choose a descriptive name to stay familiar and approachable to the immediate client base and often neglect the future client base that can find your business on the web. Think big when naming your business and choosing your domain name. Do you want your business name to be a description or a brand name? If your start up chooses to go with a descriptive name you may find yourself needing to rebrand when your business goes world wide. A description in English for your business name means nothing to somebody across the world who knows no English.

We saw the rebranding of the old Sci-Fi channel from being a genre description to the now named SyFy channel which is a brand name they chose as their network expands globally. The original target audience still understands the meaning of SyFy but this is a much more phonetic brand name so people world wide can speak of the channel as a brand name rather than a description using words they don’t use. You don’t want people to translate your business name into their language, you want it to stay the same no matter where it is being talked about.

In the world of inventing domain names you don’t have to just go with sounds and hope for the best. Language can be broken down very scientifically. Use these definable word parts that carry connotations and significance to build an available brandable domain name for your start up. There is no reason to limit your business brand by language.