Get Creative With Your Domain Name

Domain Name

When you name a domain for a company, it is as crucial as naming the company itself as that will be the identity of that company in the vast world wide web. If you fail at giving a good name, it will most likely leave you lost in the clutter, or result in a negative image, while if you successfully give a great domain name, that website will literally sell itself in terms of value, brand image and attractiveness. Here at BrandBucket, we realize how vital the domain’s name is to the future of the company on the digital frontier. To make your job easier, here are a few great tips on how to come up with really creative and out of the box domain names.

The first step to coming up with a catchy and yet meaningful domain name is to sit down and wrack your brain for all the related words that you can think of regarding your company, product, brand, etc. In this session, don’t limit yourself by thinking about anything – whether a name sounds stupid or sounds familiar, write it down and make a huge list. You never know from where inspiration might strike. Doing this will open up doorways to a huge set of words once of which will be the perfect one.

Get Slightly Adventurous
If you are feeling bold then a trick that you can use – which may or may not be productive, but pretty fun – begins by taking a dictionary. Close your eyes and flip through the pages, stop at a random page and then stab at it with your finger. Whatever word you stop at, write it down while checking the meaning. Continue this for about ten times. If the Gods smile down upon you, you will find a pretty good domain name or at least one you can tinker with to fit your purpose. If not, at least your vocabulary will improve.

Come Up With Your Own Words
Whoever said you couldn’t make up words? We used to do it all the time when we were kids and we shouldn’t stop now. Many popular domains use names whose words did not exist before them. Websites such as Facebook and YouTube are words the creators came up with themselves which may have meant something to them when they thought it up and maybe we will never know.

Go Exotic
If you finally found a good word or name that fits your requirements perfectly, but ultimately find that even they are unavailable, you can try and be exotic by running the names through a translator and see the results in different languages such as Greek, Latin, Spanish, etc. These languages in particular have the benefit of sounding remotely similar to English and people can generally understand what the page is about and what the name signifies.

Pick Out The Vowels
Another method you could follow is by picking out one or all the vowels from a name that you really like. This will keep the name very relevant while also making it very unique and unlikely to already exist. The easiest examples of this technique are and

Chat Around
Sometimes when you are over thinking it and trying too hard to come up with good names, you end up closing your brain off to creativity and get no work done. In such cases, it is a great idea to go and chat up with random people. Call your mother, go grocery shopping and talk to the cashier or call up friends for inspiration. Explain your predicament to them and they just might come up with a great name that will really click and be perfect to what you are looking for. And the best part about all this is, the name will come completely free of charge with no strings attached; unless of course you count the grocery shopping bill.

Got any more tips to share? Add them to the comments.

Image by: Daniel Lobo


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