Funded Company Names #6

funded company names

The technology startup boom has grown beyond the well-known, tech centers of California, New York, and Massachusetts. Other countries are also sprouting, cool new funded companies with continued rounds of financial support.



What They Do

This Canadian based startup is built around an engaging app designed to assist hourly employees. The app features efficient processes for shift and task management, messaging, employee surveys, social interactions and reward programs. The company’s offerings aim to increase employee’s self-sufficiency, while reducing labor costs and increasing employee engagement and motivation.

Their most recent funding was a venture round of $12 million in February of this year.

Why We Like Their Name

Their company brand is a straight forward, memorable, easy to spell and fun, portrayal of their core business service. The word, work, tells customers it’s a company oriented product and the word, jam, denotes youthful, creative and flexible solutions.


Benitec Biopharma

What They Do

This venture is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It uses a patented ‘gene-slicing’ technology for developing drugs that address chronic disease.  Their technology targets specific genes that correlate with specific diseases and have the potential to provide lasting treatment from just a single dosage.

Their latest round of funding was in March and featured a $5.45 million post IPO, equity injection from NantCapital.

Why We Like Their Name

The Benitec brand is a creative blending of the words, benefit and technology. It’s a brand that smoothly evokes their core mission of creating beneficial, life-saving, medical technologies for the world population.



What They Do

This innovative startup was founded in 2008 and features products that’ve emerged from several years of research. Their Smart Vision technology is aimed at providing intelligent 3D images for use by businesses and consumers. Its applicability is to autonomous vehicles, robotics, gaming, film as well as virtual and augmented reality applications. Their goal is to provide high definition images in three dimensions at long range using less power than a simple night light.

Their most recent funding round was a series A of $10 million which they received in March.

Why We Like Their Name

The TetraVue brand is a savvy pairing of the word, tetra, which means four in Latin and, vue, which means, view, in French. Combined, the words are memorable and evoke a solid image of their visual and three dimensional, technological focus.

Timely funding allows new and growing businesses to continue to innovate, expand and develop their plans and ideas. It is an integral part of the journey from a fledging startup to a billion dollar unicorn.