Elements of a Memorable Brand Name

Brand Name

What makes a brand name memorable?

Like memories in general, memorable brand names have much to do with feelings and senses. Words that conjure up emotions like joy, suffering and love are very memorable. Sensory perception is often memorable as well. Some examples of this include the feeling of a warm campfire, the taste of a wild raspberry, the sound of a mountain spring and the feeling of fresh cut grass on your bare feet. The reason these examples are memorable is because they affect your senses.

When it comes to nostalgia, there are certain word combinations that stick with us. They include words and phrases that we grew up with and heard our friends, parents, teachers, and coaches say. Examples include these phrases: Watch Out! Catch that ball. Can I borrow a dollar.

These word combinations are memorable but there are other words no less memorable that have more to do with surprise, innovation, uniqueness and creativity and these qualities make them stick in our minds. It is often the very fact that these words were invented that make them rememberable. (Google, Reebok and Kleenex are good examples.)

And still, there are certain brand names that may not seem memorable at first but are unforgettable once they are paired with the right idea. (YouTube Pinterest and Facebook are examples.)

Can you think of any memorable words and phrases relating to your idea? These words can help you in your quest for a brandable name. When searching, remember that an otherwise plain and modest name may be unforgettable with the right idea.