Eight Reasons Your Startup Deserves a Great Domain Name

Great Domain Name

So you want to be a successful startup? Well great businesses start with great names.  Here are eight reasons why you should spend your precious time and hard earned money on a good one.

  1. Run Of The Mill – Unless your startup is so large and well-known that your reputation precedes you, a marginal domain name conveys the message that you are, well, just a marginal company.
  2. Instant Credibility – When customers see or hear a great domain name they approach your website, product and service with the assumption that those things are also great. Your brand, services and products are considered valuable and desirable until proven otherwise.
  3. The Cream Rises – Companies with the best domain names often rise to the top of their market space.  As an example, how would Foursquare have fared if they’d have settled for their original name choice: Gowalla?
  4. Defining Moment – With the onset of mobile devices, type-in traffic is on the decline.  But a brand matching, dot com domain name is still one of the primary factors in defining your marketing strategy. It also dictates the authority and punch of your company’s email handle.
  5. Convert Before It’s Too Late – A great brand and domain can improve your viral marketing, increase your customer conversion rate and maximize your return on marketing dollars invested.
  6. Lower Overall Costs – Over time a great domain name can actually lower your total marketing costs. A beauty queen only needs a few touch ups now and then while a pig requires constant and costly applications of heavy makeup and lipstick.
  7. Get Funding – Angel investors and venture capitalists report that one of the techniques they use to decide which startups are worth a pitch meeting is the quality of their domain name.
  8. Avert the danger – The domain you desire now, but plan to buy later, will only get more expensive when your concept has been proven through stable demand, rising sales and public recognition.  This is because the current domain owner for your preferred domain will continue to raise their price as your company rises in waves of fortune and notability.

A great domain name can grab people’s attention and make it easy for them to remember your company, tell their friends and reach your website.  A bad domain name can drag your efforts to the ground like a stone.  Your brand and domain name are what people use to evaluate your company even before they engage your organization or its offerings.  So don’t cut corners on this important step in the evolution of your startup. Do it once and get it right. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Keith DeBoer

    Great comments, Christopher! I’ll keep that in mind for my next post. 🙂

  • Good points but it would be less abstract if you added lots of examples of good domain names