Naming Your Business: Don’t Let Everyone Have a Say

naming your business

Collaboration is great. It often breeds and cultivates the best ideas.  But the issue with collaboration when it comes to naming your business is that their can be only one, and everybody has a different opinion.

When you bring a bunch of people into the naming process, you risk alienating the very people you want to include in the process.  In addition, since everybody has a say, some unneeded compromises may be made, which often leaves you with a very boring, very safe name that doesn’t really have any oomph to it.   A better way to go about this is instead of including anyone and everyone in the process, only bring in people who are part of the inner-circle, who know the company very well, and whose opinion you trust.  You also want to make sure to have a good mix of creative and analytical people.  If you have too many creatives on board, your name may end up being so out of the box that you forget where the box even is.  On the other side of the coin, if you have too many left brains, your name will probably end up way to straightforward and uninteresting.

So keep the group of decision-makers small, and make sure to have a good balance of left and right brains, and you might just find the perfect name for your business.