Don’t Follow Where Traffic Leads, Lead the Traffic

name for a new business

Photo By: Lingaraj G J

When buying a domain name for a new business many people like to look at the traffic the name is already getting. This is not an indication of how successful your online business will be. It’s true that the perfect keyword domain like will get get more automatic traffic because it is the simplest domain but anything past that number one keyword domain is not ideal for business naming. The domain becomes just a description of your business rather than a business brand.

A descriptive business name should be different than a description for a business. Your domain name should be a tool to build and enforce your branding rather than a keyword domain designed to capture random traffic. A domain should be viewed as a storefront, nobody visited the store before you moved in so your priority shouldn’t be to have high amounts of traffic from your startup’s brandable domain. Domains will not necessarily be any more successful thanthe domain because most of your quality traffic will come from your marketing efforts and not from simply owning a descriptive domain. and are some of the most successful blogs out there, nowhere in the title does it use the keyword ‘blog’ but both these names can have implied meanings making them extremely brandable.

You can dish out the astronomical amounts of cash to bid for domains or you can spend your money on marketing efforts and quality service therefore not only driving a more focused traffic to your website but simultaneously branding your business. An interesting and unique name stimulates conversation about whatyour descriptive and brandable domain name does. Conversation generated by talking about your business is beneficial because it encourages you to have an identity and brand image behind your domain name. When people come to your brandable domain name the traffic will be intended for you so your bounce rate will be far lower than if people just accidentally came across the site looking for a different keyword domain name.

There is more to naming a business than instant domain traffic, there is the importance of brand-ability and longevity in a name. This is why we call them brandable names – these are brand names to be – the interesting and unique style paired with shortness and easy to  pronounce gives you the foundation of creating a unique business brand like Google, Fandango, and SyFy.