Digging Through the Bucket of Brands

name your startup

You spend hours searching on the internet trying to find the perfect name to name your startup, and then you come across BrandBucket. We help people like you with first step in the branding process – naming. But where do you start looking in BrandBucket’s plethora of names?

First, we suggest a search. Enter the “Brands for Sale” section of BrandBucket. Type into the search bar what your looking for. If you type “the coolest name for a consulting company ever” you may end up with too many options, because the search works against the description and tags attached to each name. Be specific, like “cool consulting” or “cool” and “consulting” separately.

You can kill tons of time searching with various combinations of words but BrandBucket another way of finding your perfect name – related names. Try searching “cool” and you’ll end up with two pages of names. Click on the ones that interest you; you’ll see that clicking on names leads you to details on that name and… more names!  When you select a name you’ll see suggested brands with similar tags. Clicking on names can take you to brand options you hadn’t considered!

As if that weren’t enough, use the links provided in either “Category” or “Price Range”. The categories are classifications we’ve made, and they overlap, so you’ll find the same name under the Consulting, Feedback, and 6-Letter categories. The links to “Price Range” are excellent if you’re working within a budget but are open to less specific names. Price range will bring you to brandable names you may have missed searching within categories and tags.

Make a list appealing names, these will be great for various reasons – seoassist.com for its clear industry connotation and opexo.com for its wide branding options. There are benefits to both worlds; with seoassist.com you know the industry target at a glance, but is it memorable or too long? With opexo.com you get the desired short memorable domain name, but your not limited to a specific niche! BrandBucket specializes in these memorable short names that are perfect domain names for a wide variety of businesses. We often suggest attaching the industry name to it, “Opexo Consulting”, to create a full business name. It’s the best of both worlds, a short memorable domain and a clear industry description in the business name.

To top it off, if you end up stuck and can’t find your name of choice feel free to contact BrandBucket to get assistance! A team member from BrandBucket will work with you to sift through the bucket of brands.

Whichever naming method you use, BrandBucket does what they can to give you the best way to find a name so your branding adventure can begin.